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How to Create The Best Bathroom Cleaning Service in 2024

Bathroom Cleaning Service! As the Old Saying Goes – it’s a Dirty Job, But Somebody’s Gotta Do It.

And if you can get over the fact that you make your living running a bathroom cleaning service, you can actually make a pretty decent living from this kind of a business.

They key here is to hire others to actually do the dirty work for you and to land contracts with large offices who need to have their bathrooms cleaned on a regular basis.

Bathroom cleaning service

While many people do make a living cleaning bathrooms, it’s not a very glamorous job nor is it particularly well paid.

However, as the person arranging the contracts and the workers (who are more often than not new immigrants with limited English language skills, which is why they are willing to take a low paid job that can also be somewhat disgusting), you can make a decent living.

Some people actually run multi-million dollar corporations that work in the business of cleaning bathrooms and indeed cleaning offices in general.

Keep in mind however that this is a highly competitive business which is driven primarily by cost.

Since there is not much to differentiate one bathroom cleaning service from another one (after all, what will you say – we clean our bathrooms with this kind of detergent while others use that kind – most customers will only care that the bathrooms are cleaned regularly and will not care how the job gets done).

Therefore, you need to be able to keep a close eye on the bottom line in order to make this a profitable and successful business venture.

This video shows you how to clean a bathroom in less than four minutes (you will see the whole bathroom cleaned during the video). Speed can be important if you work on a contract basis rather than for hourly pay.

How Much Can You Make With a Bathroom Cleaning Service?

As with most cases where you start your own business, the sky really is the limit.

Most owners of successful bathroom cleaning services do quite well for themselves, earning in the low six figures per year.

However, as previously noted, this is a tough business where pennies matter.

Therefore, your business will depend on a steady supply of cheap laborers who are willing to do the work for minimum wage, or just a bit over minimum wage.

But your business will also on your costs for supplies such as uniforms (if you require your employees to wear them) and cleaning supplies.

If you choose to run a bathroom cleaning business all on your own, actually doing the cleaning yourself, expect to make decent money if you keep the costs down.

You typically get paid on a contract basis to clean X number of bathrooms Y number of times per week rather than earning a monthly salary.

However do remember that you’ll likely have to work nights and the work can be extremely hard and frankly, pretty smelly.

You may also be able to work in people’s homes in which case you will get paid by the hour, typically around $10-$15 per hour, though in that case, you are expected to do much more than just clean bathrooms.

Ways to Make More | Related Opportunities | Tips

Bathroom cleaning services are the sort of thing most people who run offices tend to think of as being an afterthought.

Yes, they are a necessary part of doing business, but they are not something that business owners spend much time sweating over except when it comes time to renew the contract.

Therefore you should strive to make sure that your cleaners are as unobtrusive as possible and are not going to give business owners a reason to consider hiring someone else.

You may also want to expand your business to offer clean up services for offices in general and not just the bathrooms (bathrooms are often negotiated as part of a broader cleaning services contract).

In addition, you should consider offering “one off” cleaning services for home owners who may have come home to their teenagers having a wild party or who have just had a major event at home.

These kinds of contracts can pay some really good money and are a good segue from the main business of cleaning bathrooms.

Qualifications / Requirements

While there are no formal requirements or qualifications for creating a bathroom cleaning business, you likely will want to have an MBA (Masters of Business Administration).

Because you are after all, ultimately running a business where you are responsible for all aspects, from marketing to payroll to supplies.

It also helps to have a background in the business of running a cleaning service.

Therefore, you should consider working with someone else who runs such a business, perhaps as a middle manager before taking the plunge and running your own business so that you understand the ins and outs of the business.

Of course, if you are just cleaning people’s homes, then all you need to know is how to do a good job cleaning in a reasonable amount of time.

First Steps to Create a Bathroom Cleaning Service

Start by contacting several companies in the area with large offices.

Ask to speak to the general manager and find out what they are paying already for bathroom cleaning services.

This will give you a baseline of the amounts that you can reasonably expect to charge.

Then, start hiring staff and arrange meetings to try to land contracts.

You’ll need to spend significant amounts to get this business off the ground since you will be working to create a brand new business and it may take a while to become profitable.


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