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Ebonie Baxter Net Worth, Earnings, Family, Age and More

Ebonie Marie Baxter is a very popular YouTube sensation based in Georgia. She is said to have amassed up to $3 million net worth via her various YouTube enterprises.

How is Ebony Baxter so rich? How did Ebonie Baxter get wealthy? Let’s find out.

Ebonie Baxter's net worth
Net Worth 2024:$3 Million
Native Country:United States
Source of Wealth (SOW):Digital Media
Updated:September 25, 2023

Ebonie Baxter married fellow eminent YouTuber Byron Baxter. Ashlee, Byron and Cyrus Russell are the three Baxter family children.

Ebonie’s son Cyrus Baxter was the most popular member of the Baxter family.

Cyrus tragically died in his early twenties. His death has haunted the family for the past year.

Mental health awareness is now a key topic that the Baxter family has taken steps to speak publicly about.

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Ebonie Baxter has not revealed certain aspects of her personal life such as her date of birth.

With a YouTube channel that has well over 123K subscribers, Ebonie Baxter’s family has gained a massive social media presence.

How did Ebonie Baxter get rich? As a social media influencer, Ebonie has had several sponsorships over the years.

Prominent figures in the entertainment industry have started to notice her.

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In addition to her star power, Ebonie’s children are considered to be the primary assets in the Baxter family empire.

Furthermore, Ebonie Baxter’s net worth is likely to keep increasing as her channels grow in popularity.

Social Media Following

Ebonie Baxter has several social media outlets, inclusive of her popular YouTube channel Baxter Family, which has over 123K subscribers.

She has a presence on Facebook, where she posts about her YouTube channels.

Not only The Baxter Baby and The Baxter Family, but also The Baxter Boys. The Baxter Boys YouTube channel is updated weekly, and has 194K subscribers.

Without a doubt, Ebonie predominantly utilizes her channels to promote her family and their business endeavors.

Life Lessons From Ebonie Baxter

Losing a child is always a heartbreaking situation for any parent. Unquestionably, Cyrus Baxter had a thriving YouTube channel that had over one million subscribers.

Cyrus’ death is one of the hardest things that the Baxter family has had to face.

It should be noted that Ebonie has been coping with grief for the past year.

Cyrus’ obituary described him as a person who was well recognized in social media circles.

Unsurprisingly, the public sent many heartfelt tributes to the family once the news was shared.

Cyrus Baxter’s death was caused by a car accident in 2021. Being in the spotlight can bring various pressures that the public cannot perceive.

Ebonie Baxter later revealed that Cyrus was actually suffering from depression, induced by his separation from his girlfriend.

As a parent, Ebonie Baxter has had to deal with the loss of her first born child.

She has also had to deal with her third child being born with a genetic condition.

Mothers often expect life to be a smooth road for their children. Without a doubt, Ebonie has learned the importance of persevering through trials.

As we can expect, Ebonie misses Cyrus terribly, and she has expressed how heartbroken she has been since his death.

By pouring her energy into her other children, she has found ways to cope with the loss.

Ebonie Baxter’s Net Worth

We estimate Ebonie Baxter’s net worth to be approximately [this_year_net-worth]. Firstly, the Baxter family has multiple YouTube channels, plus they receive endorsements for their efforts as content creators.

With several businesses under their belt, Ebonie and Byron are able to keep adding to their net worth.

Secondly, one of Ebonie Baxter’s businesses is an online clothing store, called Bazaar.

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Finally, there is not much information about Ebonie’s physical assets such as a home, but the wealth that the family has amassed is huge.

This means they can afford to purchase certain luxuries inclusive of cars and homes if they want to.

With the right activities, Ebonie Baxter’s net worth is bound to keep growing.


What is the Baxter family worth?

The Baxter family is worth an estimated $1-5 million, based on their current business endeavors.

How many kids does the Baxter family have?

Ebonie gave birth to three children- Cyrus, Ashlee and Byron- but tragically, Cyrus died in 2021 when he was in his twenties.

Who is Ebonie Baxter’s daughter?

Ebonie Baxter’s daughter is Ashlee. They were estranged for a while, but they have now reconciled.

It is noteworthy that the net worth of Ebonie Baxter is not a publicly disclosed figure and the exact amount cannot be confirmed with certainty.