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Alex Bruesewitz Net Worth, Earnings, Family, Age & More

Alex Bruesewitz has climbed the entrepreneurial ladder over time through his company, ventures, consultancy and social media influence.

Alex’s support of political figures like Donald Trump has played a part in his fame.

This made him a social media star.

Alex Bruesewitz net worth
Net Worth 2024:$10 Million
Born:March 12, 1994
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Ripon, Wisconsin
Source of Wealth (SOW):Politics
Updated:March 12, 2023

In this post, we will tell you all about Alex Bruesewitz’s net worth, career, family, interests, hobbies, physical build, dating life, projects, and much more.

We are sure you will be surprised by his net worth at such a young age!

Alex Bruesewitz Height, Website and Hobbies

Alex Bruesewitz’s official business website is The company offers different services such as video production, social media promotion, and communications.

Alex Bruesewitz’s height is approximately 5 feet and 9 inches. He has brown hair, brown eyes and weighs approximately 69 kg.

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He loves traveling, reading, writing, politics and listening to music. Furthermore, he also enjoys taking part in interviews with different magazines and media personnel

Interesting Facts About Alex Bruesewitz’s Early Life

Alex Bruesewitz was born on March 12th. We are not quite sure of the specific year that he was born, but it is between 1994 and 1997.

He was born in the United States and raised diligently by his parents: Mr.

Bruesewitz and Tracy Liedtke. He was brought up as a Christian, which he still is to date.

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He had a great time growing up with his siblings: Lindsay Bruesewitz and Nick Bruesewitz.

Currently, he lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, United States with his family.

Fascinating Details About Alex Bruesewitz’s Education

Alex went to Ripon High School, where he performed well, and graduated in 2015.

Due to his passion, he enrolled in an institution (which we don’t have the name of) to improve his entrepreneurial skills and create a stable career path.

Surprising Details About Alex Bruesewitz’s Personal Life

Alex Bruesewitz has kept his personal life away from the limelight. However, we do know he is close to his X Strategies co-founder, Derek Utley.

He is an active social media influencer and often posts on his accounts about politics, political affairs and political organizations.

Alex Bruesewitz is a sensational figure and people are continuously interested in knowing more about his love life.

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Currently, he is dating Camryn Baylee Kinsey.

Apart from politics, he loves watching football and cricket, with his favorite sportsmen being Lionel Andres Messi and Vitat Kohli.

He also loves watching YouTube and driving his lavish cars. As of now, his favorite actor is Robert Downey Junior.

Alex Bruesewitz’s Professional Life Development

Alex Bruesewitz is well-known as the co-founder and CEO of X Strategies LLC.

X Strategies offers a platform for clients to achieve success based on the political climate.

He is also a trusted advisor to certain politicians like Donald Trump, former White House appointees, prominent non-elected political leaders and political organizations.

He does a great job advising members of Congress, the Senate and other influential leaders on public policy and political strategy needs.

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tThis has played a big part in Alex Bruesewitz’s career growth.

Alex Bruesewitz’s popularity rose when he made comments on the 6th January, 2021 riots in defense of Donald Trump.

This caused him to be called upon by the January 6th Committee that was investigating the incident.

Alex Bruesewitz instead gave a statement to show his stance because he didn’t want to take part in the opposition research being conducted by the Republicans.

Loyal Followers of Alex Bruesewitz’s Social Media Accounts

Alex Bruesewitz is mostly active on Twitter and Instagram. He has 230K followers on Twitter and 142K followers on Instagram.

On his social media accounts, he mostly shares information about politics.

His Instagram account mostly has images of his meetings and interviews. As a social media influencer, he uses his accounts to advocate for political goodwill and nullify propaganda.

Alex BruesewitzSocial Media
Instagram handle:alexbruesewitz
Instagram followers:143K followers
Facebook handleAlexBruesewitzUSA
Facebook followers:213K followers
Twitter handlealexbruesewitz
Twitter followers:291K followers
Updated:March 12, 2023

Life Lessons From Alex Bruesewitz

At an early age, Alex has already established himself in the US political landscape.

This should act as a motivation to the young people, future political activists, political figures and other political stakeholders.

It is possible to get involved and have an impact on other young people.

He has also written a book called Winning the Social Media War. As much as he is into politics, he still dwells on having other life interests.

In-Depth Explanation of Alex Bruesewitz’s Net Worth

Do you know Alex Bruesewitz’s net worth? Well, being the co-founder of X Strategies has made him grow diversely in his line of work.

Additionally, he also offers individualized PR and communication strategies for companies, political figures, political organizations and much more.

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He hasn’t disclosed much about his assets, but we do know he owns a house in West Palm Beach in Florida, and that his main source of income is from X Strategies.

It is estimated that he has a net worth of $10 million due to his different ventures.

Alex Bruesewitz also owns some luxury cars and gadgets. He doesn’t put his possessions in the limelight, but he always strives to improve his life.

Alex Bruesewitz has also worked with other NGOs and non-profit institutions in their campaigns.

This can give you an overview of how wealthy Alex Bruesewitz is. His net worth is still set to increase with time.

What Does The Future Hold For Alex Bruesewitz In The Political World?

Alex Bruesewitz is among the most determined young adults in the political arena of the United States of America.

His zeal will play a huge part in ensuring the growth of X Strategies and other income channels.

His success and unique approach to politics have played a huge part in gaining popularity.

Watch out for the next big name in the world! Alex Bruesewitz!

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How was X Strategies founded?

It was founded and born out of the friendship between Derek Utley and Alex Bruesewitz.

They met in 2016, and due to their shared passions and interests, they began to form X Strategies.

When was Alex Bruesewitz born?

Alex Bruesewitz was born on March 12th, but we don’t know the exact year.

How rich is Alex Bruesewitz?

Alex Bruesewitz’s net worth is estimated at $10 million.

It is noteworthy that the net worth of Alex Bruesewitz is not a publicly disclosed figure and the exact amount cannot be confirmed with certainty.