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Frank Siller Net Worth, Earnings, Personal Life and More

Frank Siller is the CEO and chairman of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

This foundation was created to honor Frank Siller’s brother, firefighter Stephen Gerard Siller, and the other firefighters who gave up their lives to save victims during the World Trade Center terrorist attacks on 9/11/01.

Franck Siller net worth
Net Worth 2023:$1 Million
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Newyork, New York
Source of Wealth (SOW):Entrepreneur
Updated:January 1, 2023

He dedicates much of his life to his younger brother, as he has also walked 500 miles to honor Stephan.

Along with being a dedicated brother, Frank Siller has also earned a lot of money through his foundation and the other roles he has had.

For spending so much of his time in dedication to his brother, you won’t believe what Frank Siller’s net worth is.

Frank Siller’s Early Life

There isn’t much information available about Frank Siller’s early life other than he was born in New York in 1953.

He was one of the oldest of 7 children, and his parents George and Mae Siller died when he was about 22.

When their parents died, Frank Siller had to take care of his younger siblings.

Frank Siller’s Personal Life

The most notable detail in Frank Siller’s personal life is that his brother, Stephan Siller, lost his life protecting the people trapped in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Frank Siller was waiting for Stephan to get off his shift along with 2 other brothers, George Siller and Russell Siller.

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Stephan had gone to the Brookland Battery tunnel after collecting his fire gear, but the tunnel was blocked off.

He was forced to go through the tube into the South Tower, which is where he lost his life.

Later that day, Frank Siller got the call that his brother had passed away.

Now, Frank Siller is married to Patricia Siller, and together they have 3 kids.

He has worked hard to turn his life’s tragedies into motivation to keep pushing him forward.

Frank Siller’s Professional Life

Frank Siller’s most noticeable professional highlight is starting his Tunnel to Towers Foundation around December 2001.

As mentioned before, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation was started to honor the memory of Siller’s younger brother, Stephan Siller.

Since then, Tunnel to Towers has honored countless other firefighters and first responders who died during 9/11.

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This foundation also supports and provides resources to families who suffered from the death of a loved one.

Tunnel to Towers tells the story of 9/11 first responders, helps support the loved ones of these fallen responders, and encourages education about 9/11 to the public.

Frank Siller has organized several events that raise money and support for these fallen first responders’ families, including the National Run, Walk and Climb series that is held each year.

In this series, Siller has walked over 500 miles in support of his fallen brother, showing the country his dedication to honoring those who died on 9/11.

Before Tunnel to Towers, Siller was an entrepreneur who built houses. He used the skills that he gained during this career path to provide support to families who were impacted by 9/11.

Frank Siller’s Social Media

Frank Siller has done many interviews about Tunnel to Towers throughout the years, however, he doesn’t very often show his face on social media.

Siller doesn’t have any personal social media accounts (at least any he would want us to know about), but instead, he has various social media accounts for Tunnel to Towers.

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Tunnel to Towers has an Instagram account with 47k followers, a Twitter account with 22.3k followers, a YouTube account with 1.79k subscribers and a Facebook page with 175k followers.

Their Facebook page is the most popular out of all their accounts because that is where people will find most of the information on fundraising and events.

Each social media page is very active with each having its regular posting schedule.

The Instagram and Facebook pages are the most active, while the YouTube channel is the least active (with posts coming out at a monthly rate).

It is unlikely that Siller posts much to these pages himself, but he is the face of many of the non-informational posts.

Life Lessons from Frank Siller

Frank Siller has shown people what true dedication toward a cause looks like.

His commitment to honoring his late brother is admirable, but it is even more impressive how he has extended this commitment to the other fallen first responders of 9/11.

The biggest life lesson to take away from Frank Siller is that people’s sacrifices deserve to be recognized, and that it is always important to honor those who have given up something for the safety of others.

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Another lesson that can be taken from Frank Siller is that dedication will pay off over time.

His focus on and dedication to Tunnel to Towers has been a huge factor in the foundation’s success.

With enough dedication, any foundation can be created to support and better one’s community.

Frank Siller’s Net Worth

Now is the moment everyone has been waiting for: What is Frank Siller’s net worth?

How did Frank Siller get so rich? Siller’s dedication to his foundation and his support team has been the main contributor to his large net worth.

Frank Siller has a net worth of over $1 Million. The exact number can’t be calculated, but it is for sure that Frank Siller has a very large net worth.

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Much of his net worth has been gained from building up his foundation and being the chairman and CEO of said foundation.

Information about Siller’s salary has not been made available to the public, so it is difficult to say how much of the money from the foundation goes to the staff members, including him.

Frank Siller’s entire focus in life is to be dedicated to his organization, meaning that his net worth and the things he has accomplished have all been connected to his foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did Frank Siller grow up?

Frank Siller was born in New York in 1953. It is unknown if he stayed there for the entirety of growing up, but it can be assumed that Siller grew up in his birth city.

Who founded Tunnel to Towers?

Tunnel to Towers, a foundation aimed to honor those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks and to support the families of those fallen, was founded by Frank Siller.

He founded Tunnel to Towers in late 2001 to honor his fallen younger brother, Stephan Siller.

What is meant by Tunnel to Towers?

Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers refers to how Frank Siller’s younger brother, Stephan Siller, lost his life after entering the twin towers during the 9/11 attacks to save the lives of many.

When Stephan, who was a firefighter, got the call about the terrorist attack, he tried to go through the Brookland Battery Tunnel, but it was blocked off.

He had to turn around and go through the tube into the South Tower, where he lost his life.

Tunnel to Towers was then created to honor Stephan Siller’s sacrifice.

Final Thoughts

Frank Siller has done a lot for the families who lost a loved one during 9/11.

Siller’s main goal is to continue honoring his fallen brother and has gained a net worth of over $1 Million in the process.

It is essential to bring attention to the fact that the net worth of Frank Siller is not publicly available and the specific amount cannot be confirmed.