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MrBallen Net Worth, Earnings, Family, Age and More

MrBallen may sound like a man who bets on hoops or who has a basketball podcast.

But this wealthy and successful Youtuber has a different subject matter altogether.

MrBallen is a former Navy Seal who has made a fortune with true crime and other haunting tales in the form of videos and podcasts.

MRBallen Net Worth
Net Worth 2023:$4 Million
Born:October 1, 1988
Height:6 ft (1.82 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Quincy, Massachusetts
Source of Wealth (SOW):Digital Media
Updated:March 9, 2023

MrBallen’s Childhood

MrBallen wasn’t always MrBallen. He was born John Allen on October 1, 1988.

He grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts, just outside the great, historical city of Boston.

There’s no doubt that he soaked in some Eastern seaboard culture and obtained that reliable New England work ethic.

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After high school, the New Englander decided to stay near home and study at The University of Massachusetts. He set sail for a double major in Philosophy and English.

That’s a course of study that shows a great curiosity and desire to soak up the world’s secrets.

However, how to soak up those secrets is an open question. After a couple of semesters, feeling he lacked a clear plan, he stepped away from the University for a period of time.

But he was still just 22 when he graduated, not from UMASS, but from a smaller college in the Boston area.

Navy Seals and Elite Meet

But he didn’t wish to try to dive right into a life as a Humanities major.

As an alternative, Allen decided he’d like to join the military, the Navy to be exact.

After he did so, he was deployed to Afghanistan. Inspired by his progress in that tough environment, he joined the Navy Seals, an elite fighting force.

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What a great combination–an English and Philosophy major who can kick major butt!

Well, the money MrBallen makes today comes from his restless nature, his desire to find improvements and take chances.

If you’re a fan of the strange, dark, and mysterious delivered in story format, then you’ve come to the right place, ‘cause that’s all we do.

“If you are a fan of the strange, dark and mysterious delivered in story format then you’ve come to the right place, ’cause that’s all we do”


He definitely likes reaching out to others, beyond his Navy Seal community, and that’s what he did with a 2017 startup EliteMeet.

This is a large networking site like some of the others you may know, but it’s for elite persons only, giving them a chance to contact one another for business opportunities and recruitment needs.

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Whether one is searching for talent or one is the talent, the two parties can find one another on this network.

Members include green berets, Navy SEALS, Marine Raiders, you name it. MrBallen is still a board member of this organization, so you know MrBallen’s net worth isn’t likely to drop any time soon.

MrBallen’s YouTube Career

So how did MrBallen go from being the founder of an elite online meetup site to being known as Mr.

Ballen? Well, one thing to recognize is that Allen’s father is a journalist, and that his mother is a freelance writer.

As you’ll recall, he was planning to major in English himself! We now know, from the MrBallen youtube channel, that he’s a born storyteller.

Now, mix in his military background. In the military, one goes on adventures and takes risks and does all sorts of exciting outdoorsy stuff.

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Interested in things like that, MrBallen came across the story of the Dyatlov Pass incident.

In this sordid tale from 1959, Russian explorers met an ugly fate while trekking through the famed Ural Mountains.

All nine of them died, their bodies found some distance from their campsite.

It was deduced that they’d quickly left the camp–probably due to an avalanche–and had tried to walk through freezing conditions without enough clothing.

Well, after MrBallen posted a tik-tok video telling this story, it blew up, getting an astonishing

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5 million views. Now, that is what led to MrBallen’s net worth we see today, what launched his career making youtube videos.

MrBallen’s strange and disturbing tales make up all of his videos. Many of these can be placed under the category true crime, as well.

MrBallenSocial Media
Instagram handle:mrballen
Instagram followers:420K followers
YouTube handle@MrBallen
YouTube subscribers:7M subscribers
TikTok handle@mrballen
TikTok likes:197M likes
Facebook handlemrballen
Facebook followers:3M followers
Twitter handleMrBallen
Twitter followers:64K followers
Updated:March 9, 2023

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of true crime aficionados out there, and they make up MrBallen’s fans. His youtube channel has 7 million subscribers. That adds up to a lot of youtube income!

When I’m not telling super serious stories, I mostly just torment my wife and kids with my pure dad humor that they LOVEEEE

“When I’m not telling super serious stories, I mostly just torment my wife and kids with my pure dad humor that they LOVEEEE”


MrBallen Family Life

MrBallen doesn’t spend his whole life scouting around for spooky stories for the entertainment of his fearless listeners.

In fact, MrBallen married his sweetheart Amanda ten years ago, and she’s remained MrBallen’s wife ever since. The two met in college, and now have three kids, for a rich family life.

Life Lessons From MrBallen

We can take a lot of great things from MrBallen. If ever there was a great All-American story, it’s Mr.

Ballen’s. He started with a tik-tok video and turned his story-telling passion into not just his MrBallen youtube channel, but also a MrBallen podcast. He uses his various social networking sites to promote his videos.

It took little to start this venture, and it doesn’t involve controversy, cheap celeb feuds, pushing possibly-dangerous substances, or anything of the sort.

MrBallen’s story is one of a man who does what he enjoys and has gotten rich.

MrBallen’s Net Worth

So, with a True Crime youtube channel and related podcast, how much does MrBallen pull in per year? What is his estimated net worth?

Well, the man’s youtube channel grabs 40 million views per month, and that’s a lot of ad revenue–reportedly $150,000 per month.

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When you factor in an exclusive podcasting deal with Amazon Music and merchandising, we find MrBallen’s Net Worth hovering around $4 million. Not bad for a storyteller with some dark tastes.

MrBallen FAQ

What does MrBallen do for a living?

MrBallen is a successful youtube creator and podcaster in the True Crime genre. Each week, he posts stories meant to be dark, mysterious, and strange, which often contain violence or bloodshed.

How does MrBallen make money?

Youtuber MrBallen has 7 million subscribers and 40 million views per month. This nets him roughly $150,000 in ad revenue. He also has a podcast deal and assorted merchandise.

What is MrBallen’s Real name?

While we don’t have a birth certificate, we know that MrBallen was born John Allen and that his mother is named Jessie Thuna. It’s possible that his middle initial is B. , making his name a play on Mr. B. Allen.

It is noteworthy that the net worth of MrBallen is not a publicly disclosed figure and the exact amount cannot be confirmed with certainty.