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Ghazi Shami Net Worth

Ghazi Shami is one of the most sensational music engineers and record producers.

He is the founder and CEO of Empire Distribution, which has remarkably produced hit after hit. He has created a demand for himself in the music industry with sincerity and hard work. 

Ghazi Shami Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$40 Million
Height:6 ft (1.82 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:San Francisco, California
Source of Wealth (SOW):Entertainment
Updated:March 12, 2023

Ghazi Shami’s net worth has jumped to a new level with his rising popularity.

If you are curious to know more about this musical genius and his net income, you have come to the right place.

This talented musician is a skilled businessperson, and his earnings will surprise you. 

Ghazi Shami Biography: Early Life and Education

Shami lives a quiet, private life, so little information is available about his personal life.

We could not discover much about his family roots or childhood, but it’s confirmed that he grew up in San Francisco, California. 

This creative music genius has been fascinated with creating music from a very early age and has always dreamt of being able to produce his music.

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He started DJ-ing and making records in his first high school year. 

Besides his love for music, Shami has always been passionate about computers and music technology.

In fact, his first job after high school was building large-format servers in a computer company. 

He went to the College of San Mateo and San Francisco State University to pursue his dream career. Shami obtained a degree in Associate of Arts.

Ghazi Shami’s Age, Race and Personal Life

Shami is 45 years old, and his ethnicity is believed to be mixed race. He has elementary proficiency in the Arabic language, which makes him bilingual. 

Is Ghazi Shami married? Information about his marital status or past/present partners is unavailable on the Internet. We know nothing about Shami’s wife, girlfriend or partners, if he has had any.

The star is secretive about his personal life, despite being in the limelight for over a decade. 

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Shami is active on social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter. He shares updates on his projects and tidbits about artists he works with. 

Some of his clients have painted him as an “easy going guy,” which seems true, judging from his interviews and social media activities.

Shami has maintained a clean image in his personal and professional life.

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Professional Life of Ghazi Shami

Even though Shami is well known as the CEO and founder of EMPIRE, his career spans over two decades.

He started his first job in a computer company just before his freshman year in college.

Work Life

However, his professional life started in 1995 as an audio engineer at 3rd Eye Studios.

After working there for four years, he joined Tangent International as a system integration engineer. 

He worked in FIC and Eloquent for short periods before becoming the creative media manager at in 2000.

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He then moved to Sun Microsystems as a clocktower engineer and worked there until December 2022.

In the meantime, Shami founded The Assembly Line in 1999 and worked as a producer, mix engineer and songwriter there.

The company closed in 2005, and he joined as the Director of INgrooves the following year. He continued there until 2009 before finally launching his company EMPIRE in 2010

EMPIRE and Onward

Shami is a prominent figure in the U.S.A. music industry. Since the establishment of EMPIRE, he has worked with many commercially successful artists, including Hayley Kyoko, 50 Cent, Big Pooh, XXXTentacion, and many other familiar names.

His record label has released many successful discographies. Some of the most impressive names are Tyga’s “Fuk Wat They Talkin Bout,” Slaughterhouse’s “Apex Predator” and Terrace Martin’s “3ChordFold”.

The company has actively endorsed the troubled but talented rapper XXXTentacion. It also launched several of his hit albums, including “Revenge,” “Bad Vibes Forever” and “17”.

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EMPIRE Distribution has received several awards for producing hit music numbers over the years.  

Singles and albums released by EMPIRE have received commercial success and critical accolades.

Many songs have been streamed millions of times on various streaming services. In fact, XXXTentacion’s “Sad” has been played over a billion times on Spotify, and the platform’s Billions Club has only 267 songs to date. 

Also, multiple EMPIRE artists, including Anderson .Paak, J Boog, DRAM and Fat Joe & Remy Ma, received Grammy nominations for their songs and albums.

How Active Is Ghazi Shami on Social Media?

Ghazi Shami is not super active on social media, but occasionally posts on Twitter and Instagram.

The music produced by EMPIRE is shared on multiple platforms by fans, such as on Tiktok, Facebook, etc. The links for his available social media platforms are:

Ghazi ShamiSocial Media
Instagram handle:empire
Instagram followers:464K followers
TikTok handle@ghazi
TikTok likes:20K likes
Facebook handleEMPIRE
Facebook followers:95K followers
Twitter handleghazi
Twitter followers:23K followers
Updated:March 12, 2023

Favorite Quotes from Ghazi Shami

This successful entrepreneur frequently shares his thoughts and perceptions of life on social media. Some of the best quotes he has posted so far are:

“You only have to inspire 1 to lead many.”

“Billionaires don’t do bussdowns.”

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“I don’t have a job, I have purpose”

“Don’t share your aspirations with people that just suck up energy & give none in return.”

“Don’t try to over – perfect it ..sometimes it be better raw.”

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Life Lessons From Ghazi Shami

Shami’s life story makes it clear that his personality screams persuasiveness and tenacity toward his lifelong goal.

He has had a lifelong passion for music and technology, and has built something big out of it. 

In the modern day and age, people don’t want to risk it all on one objective, so they quickly give up after trying a few times.

Shami kept trying, pushed forward and never gave up. In his own words, “You ever feel like giving up? – DON’T.”

What Is Ghazi Shami’s Net Worth?

There is no conclusive figure on the Internet about Ghazi Shami’s net worth. So we can only make an educated guess that his worth would be several million.


Because he is the leading EMPIRE Distribution man. This thriving music distribution company has boosted the careers of big names like Cardi B, Kendrick Lamar, Migos and many others.

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This production house has also released multiple platinum hits, including “Broccoli,” “Taste” and “Jocelyn Flores”.

It also has a Nashville outpost to promote the country musicians from there. 

This company has been highly active in the music industry, launching new, exciting artists and producing hit singles.

Owning a company like that makes Ghazi Shami’s net worth exceeds $40 million.   

FAQs about Ghazi Shami’s Net Worth

How did Ghazi Shami start EMPIRE?

Ghazi Shami started EMPIRE in 2010 as a solopreneur. His primary motivation was to help the Bay Area rappers he grew up with. There was also no proper recording and distribution company for independent musicians. Shami founded his company to fill this void.   

Which artists are signed to EMPIRE?

Many prominent musicians in the hip-hop industry are signed to EMPIRE. Some of the most famous names are Lil Nas X, Cardi B, Anderson .Paak, DRAM and Blanco Brown. 

What does EMPIRE Distribution do?

EMPIRE is a music distribution company in the United States. In other words, an all-encompassing digital media distribution company that records and produces music. This company exclusively deals with rappers and makes hip-hop music, but it also has a division for Latin American music and works with country and EDM singers.

It is important to note that the net worth of Ghazi Shami is not a publicly disclosed figure and the exact amount cannot be confirmed.