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Steve St. Andre Net Worth

You’ve probably seen a lot of Shift Digital’s work, whether you realize it or not. 

They are digital marketing giants, giving consultation and providing marketing analytics to many large multinational companies.

Steve St. Andre Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$650 Million
Native Country:United States
Source of Wealth (SOW):Marketing
Updated:March 12, 2023

Their work is behind marketing you see every day, and Steve St. Andre is their founder and CEO. 

He has helped many well-known brands and retail companies increase their revenue.

And how rich is Steve St. Andre?  The answer may surprise you.

Steve St. Andre: Early Years

It’s always interesting to look at pioneers in Internet tech and think about what they must’ve been like as children.

They may have been inquisitive, and depending on when they were born, may have had computers, electronics, and other things with which to work their curious minds.

But they didn’t have the kind of technologies they would later pioneer–because there hadn’t been anyone to pioneer it yet!

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We do know that Steve St. Andre was born in 1971, which means he saw the beginning of the home computer, with brands such as Apple and Commodore

Imagine living in a time when the technology is so primitive and eventually becoming THE MAN in the digital marketing space. 

It’s that kind of forward thinking that would make this pioneer an American professional of great stature.

After finishing elementary school, the brief records show that Steve St. Andre enrolled in Mount St. Charles Academy,  the well-known preparatory academy in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. 

Did he have adventures like those chronicled in the movie Dead Poets Society?

One can only imagine, realizing it is hard to know.

Steve St. Andre’s College Years

It was to Michigan for St. Andre when it was time to go to college. This is the land of the automobile, invented just outside Detroit by Henry Ford. 

That would become significant in St. Andre’s life not long after.  

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As to the school St. Andre chose, it was Michigan St. University in East Lansing.  There he majored in marketing. 

But he wouldn’t stop there.  He then enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Michigan–specifically, the Ross School of Business, where he earned his MBA. 

He was now poised to start making some serious earnings!

Steve St. Andre’s Professional Life

After completing his education, St. Andre worked for a year at Nissan North America, getting his feet wet in the business world. 

Then he made a momentous leap by joining the team at as their Director of Corporate Development. 

Before long, Steve St. Andre started to really make his mark in the field, so much so that he landed a prestigious job with FordDirect: CEO and President.

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Working in the auto industry, one of the crowns of the state of Michigan, proved very beneficial for St. Andre. 

It was a life-changer, because after leaving FordDirect, Steve St. Andres started his own firm, the business-to-business marketing results company Shift Digital.

This firm began helping major companies to fine-tune their marketing.  It took on many clients in the automotive industry, including Lexus, BMW, Porsche, and Cadillac. 

That is when one really starts to get rich!

Steve St. Andre’s Personal Life

Steve St. Andres is in a real sweet spot right now.  He has earned plenty of money and is very successful, but he’s not really a public figure. 

That might change before long, but right now, little is known about his personal life. I mean, Steve St. Andre’s date of birth is just about the only thing that’s easy to find.  

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Just because someone is the CEO of a digital marketing company doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a Wikipedia entry on him. 

When you combine that with what appears to be a private personality, and you can see how only the basics are known.

Steve St. Andre’s Quotes

On product development: “Everything goes in front of user groups prior to launching actively.

We don’t launch unless we see how all concepts work. You learn so many things, you get it as close to right as possible.”

On the sales funnel: “Now we say let’s match the consumer’s excitement level and figure out what to do if they’re not ready to fill out the form yet to contact a dealer.

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Maybe they want a brochure emailed to them, maybe they need multiple opportunities to come back and interact with the Web site until they are ready to transact.

You have to be in the place they are in and not push them down the path.”

Life Lessons from Steve St. Andre

One of the main things to take from the professional life of Steve St. Andre is to stick to your roots, remember where you came from, and give back.

This marketing firm wizard did that in a big way when he helped out the coach of his Alma Mater, MSU, Mel Tucker. 

Pooling funds with ex-MSU basketball player Mat Ishbia, Tucker donated $9.5 million to the school to be able to give Tucker a raise and keep him on.  What a generous move!

Steve St. Andre Net Worth

As mentioned, St. Andre is a bit on the private side.  And as is the case with quite a few people, his net worth isn’t exactly a fact that’s floating around. 

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We do know about Shift Digital, which, with its heavy-hitting clientele list, is probably worth about 8 times their EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and Amortization). 

The math then works out to a net valuation of roughly $650 million.  And there you are, the happy ending to the story!

It is important to bring attention to the fact that the net worth of Steve St. Andre is not publicly available and the specific amount cannot be determined.