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Ishowspeed Net Worth, Age, Relationship, Biography and More

IShowSpeed is an online personality and influencer. He’s a YouTuber, a streamer, a rapper, and has done livestreams that became very popular. But what is IShowSpeed’s net worth?

Ishowspeed Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$4 Million
Born:January 21, 2005
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.72 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Cincinnati, Ohio
Source of Wealth (SOW):Digital Media
Updated:August 8, 2023

It has not always been easy for Darren Watkins Jr. This is the real name of IShowSpeed. Darren got the name IShowSpeed from his online nickname. He also goes by “Speed“.

How IShowSpeed’s Life Started Out

The young man is only 18 years old. He comes from Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnati is not known for being the type of city where opportunity is everywhere.

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IShowSpeed has managed to stand out anyway. According to this source, he started a YouTube account in 2016, at the age of 11.

At that time, his contributions were sporadic. Over time he began to upload and livestream more frequently.

However, he had a meteoric rise over the course of just several months. By 2021, he had hit 100k+ subscribers.

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By June of that year, he was in the vicinity of a million viewers. That expanded tenfold by July, 2022.

The Sort of Education IShowSpeed Has

In short, IShowSpeed is a high school drop-out. Focusing on playing games has made him more successful than most educational avenues can.

He has no known plans for college. There was an incident where, while taking a quiz, he tried to get answers from his viewers, who pranked him.

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Details of IShowSpeed’s Personal Life

Darren Watkins, alias IShowSpeed, does a variety of live streams related to gaming, and he recently signed a streaming deal with Rumble.

There’s very little that can be found on IShowSpeed personal life. He reveals who he is as a person during streams, though. Given he was born in 2005, he hasn’t had much time to build experiences.

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Professional Details Defining the Life of IShowSpeed

Live Speedy is the name of the IShowSpeed YouTube channel, which currently has subscribers.

He has 682 YouTube videos. He has received 916 million views! On average, YouTube channels ad revenue is around $18 per 1,000 views.

IShowSpeed should have generated around $16,500,600. The first video he streamed had only a handful of viewers.

It’s worth pointing out IShowSpeed’s social media personality and exploits online aren’t the sole reason for his meteoric teenage rise.

YouTube algorithms reward users based on the sort of content they produce. Videos which match YouTube’s “mission” will be promoted more than those which do not.

The YouTube algorithm drives 70% of what people watch online. So if they like what you’re doing, you will be more visible.

The algorithm is controlled by YouTube, and those who control it have calibrated it to present content with which they align.

So it’s entirely biased. IShowSpeed just resonates with that bias.

IShowSpeed’s Social Media Presence

On Instagram, IShowSpeed has 8 million followers for 25 posts. There are a lot of pictures of this young man at varying sports facilities, in varying jerseys, and often in bathrooms with a laconic expression on his face.

It’s a typical teenager’s Instagram account, and looks as though it is curated so that it appeals to females.

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On Facebook, he has 2K followers and 1.5k likes. He is credited as a video game creator on the site, or at least this is how he describes himself.

His feed has pictures of him, video games, and anime (like One Piece). On Twitter he has 4K followers for only about 50 posts, and his latest post advertises a collaboration with a YouTuber that commonly posts videos with his cougar.

IshowspeedSocial Media
Instagram handle:ishowspeed
Instagram followers:8M followers
YouTube handle@IShowSpeed
YouTube subscribers:15M subscribers
TikTok handle@ishowspeed
TikTok likes:88M likes
Facebook handleIShowSpeed4real
Facebook followers:2K followers
Twitter handleishowspeed
Twitter followers:4K followers
Updated:August 8, 2023

A Few Takeaways From IShowSpeed’s Life So Far

Either IShowSpeed has learned to “game” the algorithm, or YouTube management has decided to focus on his content.

There is probably a little of either reality defining his rise. He definitely has conformed himself to the political zeitgeist of 2020s America.

As an example, he has had Lil Nas X on his channel before. Essentially, IShowSpeed demonstrates what is possible should a person wholeheartedly align with the power structure of the world as soon as possible.

This is understandable given his difficult beginnings in life. Cincinnati is not known for wealth or opportunity.

IShowSpeed is a high school drop-out who has become a multi-millionaire playing video games online and leaning into childish emoting.

This has led him to interview mainstream celebrities, and has led YouTube management into allowing him a vaunted pedestal position through their algorithm.

IShowSpeed’s Net Worth

So how rich is IShowSpeed? Well, to really get an idea of IShowSpeed’s net worth, we’re going to have to make some assumptions.

Presently, his net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. As we explored earlier with YouTube ad revenue, it could potentially be much higher. However, it could also be lower.

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Considering that he is only 18, it’s unlikely he has spent his earnings responsibly. In all likelihood, $4 million is an accurate assumption for IShowSpeed’s net worth.

Even if he made $16,000,000, he’ll have staff costs. There’s no way he is gaming, streaming, and researching YouTube celebrities to stream with for added clout.

Also, his social media presence indicates an ample amount of expensive travel.

FAQs About IShowSpeed’s Net Worth

How Much Money is IShowSpeed Making?

It’s assumed he’s pulling in $500k to $1,000,000 a year or more. If he averages $18 per 1,000 views, his 970+ million views could put him in the $16+ million territory. In all reality he probably hasn’t made quite that much.

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How Much is Jimmy Donaldson Worth?

MrBeast is a YouTuber whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and he is ostensibly worth $100+ million. He is another example of a YouTuber resting squarely in the platform’s zeitgeist.

How Old is IShowSpeed, Actually?

IShowSpeed is only 18 years old. He was born in 2005, in January, and he has achieved quite a bit early on. He certainly appears a little older.

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How Much Does MrBeast make?

MrBeast, alias Jimmy Donaldson, is worth approximately $100+ million. He has definitely managed to attain a substantial following, and is popular with YouTube advertisers as well as their algorithms.

What is IShowSpeed’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, Ishowspeed’s net worth is estimated at $4 million. Ishowspeed achieved prosperity as a popular social media influencer.

It is noteworthy that the net worth of Ishowspeed is not a publicly disclosed figure and the exact amount cannot be confirmed with certainty.