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Henry Ruggs Jr.’s Net Worth, Age, Career, Income, Bio and More

Henry James Ruggs III was born in 1999. He’s done quite a bit in his short life, and his legacy has not yet been fully realized. But what’s Henry Ruggs Jr.’s net worth?

Henry Ruggs Jr. Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$10 Million
Born:January 24, 1999
Height:6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Montgomery, Alabama
Source of Wealth (SOW):Professional Sports
Updated:May 30, 2023

His life does serve as a cautionary tale in some respects. Ruggs has reached exceptional levels of success.

He has also made real mistakes. Here we’ll explore his achievements and pitfalls. We’ll also look into what Henry Ruggs Jr.’s net worth is likely to be.

Henry Ruggs in His Early Years

Henry Ruggs III graduated from Lee High School of Montgomery, Alabama in 2017. He grew up in this community.

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He did not start out as a football player. It wasn’t until his second year in high school that he actually began to play.

He quickly built up a reputation as a true athlete. He received offers for scholarships early, and was considered to be one of the best high school players in the game. His mother is Nataki Ruggs, and his father is Henry Ruggs Jr. II.

There is little known about his home life during childhood.

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The Education of Henry Ruggs Jr.

Though Henry Ruggs Jr. did graduate Lee High School, he did not finish his degree at the University of Alabama.

He attended from 2017 to 2020, and was known for speed, exceptional skills in catching, and several touchdowns.

He was the primary kick returner of his team. He did well enough it is arguable that he did not need to finish degree.

As the link attests, he left for the National Football League (NFL) in lieu of a senior year. His 2020 NFL draft was regarded with much anticipation by many sports commentators and fans.

What Life Looks Like For Henry Ruggs Jr. Behind the Scenes

Ruggs was encouraged to play football by a friend during his high school years. This friend is the reason for Ruggs’ characteristic three-fingered salute when he scores a touchdown.

Roderic Scott died when he was just 17. Since then, Ruggs has honored him.

Henry Ruggs Jr. has a daughter who is three years old. The mother of his child is Kiara Washington, she goes by Rudy Washington.

Around a year after his daughter was born, Ruggs had a car wreck. He rear-ended a vehicle while driving at very high speed.

A woman named Tina Tintor was fatally wounded, as was her dog. The collision resulted in a fire that killed them both.

Ruggs was charged for this lapse in judgement. He received charges for driving while under the influence, and he also received a reckless driving charge.

There is evidence Ruggs and his girlfriend were drinking earlier. He did try to stop when he realized he was about to hit Tintor in her Toyota RAV4.

However, he was going too fast to be successful. Ruggs was reportedly driving over 156 miles an hour. The wreck did result in injuries to Ruggs and his girlfriend, but their injuries were not serious enough to be considered life-threatening.

Professional Achievements of Henry Ruggs Jr.

In high school, Henry Ruggs Jr. shined. He was also a shining star in college. As a player in the NFL, he managed to be a very valuable player.

He played for include the Las Vegas Raiders over 2 seasons. He is known as an exceptional American football wide receiver.

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Among those that play football, Ruggs has achieved a number of athletic records, including a 42-inch jump. Among those that play football, he had a very strong outing with the NFL.

He played well over a dozen games, you can explore his career statistics in detail here.

Henry Ruggs Jr. On Social Media

On Instagram, Henry Ruggs Jr. has over 399K followers. The posts there are primarily concerned with football.

There are photos of him playing the game professionally, and include a few photos of Ruggs outside the arena.

On Facebook he has over 20K friends, and posts primarily about football. He also has pictures with his girlfriend, as well as several opinion posts.

On Twitter he has over 110K followers. He seems to post more personal information on Twitter, including information about himself and his family. He also has many posts about the NFL, and football generally.

Henry Ruggs Jr.Social Media
Instagram handle:ruggs_iii
Instagram followers:399K followers
Facebook handleruggsiii
Facebook followers:20K followers
Twitter handle__ruggs
Twitter followers:110K followers
Updated:May 30, 2023

What We Can Learn From the Life of Henry Ruggs Jr.

Henry Ruggs Jr. shined especially bright. His high school career is one of skill and achievement. The same sort of skill and exceptionalism defined his time in college.

As a new player with the NFL, his brief seasons were defined by excitement, skill, and speed on the field. Perhaps all these achievements went to Ruggs’ head.

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His crash, and the woman who died, made headlines. Ih 2024, he plead guilty to the charges leveled against him, and will serve between three and ten years when final sentencing occurs in August of 2023.

Despite an excellent start in life, Ruggs allowed himself to be sloppy. He drank, he drove, he wrecked, a woman died, and now his NFL career is over.

A cautionary tale, certainly; but Ruggs’ life is far from over. He will have his prison sentence behind him between the ages of 27 and 34.

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He has ample time to make something of himself despite these difficulties. Whether he will or not depends largely on how he conducts himself going forward.

Henry Ruggs Jr.’s Net Worth

Confirmed money from the NFL totals over $16 million for Henry Ruggs; closer to $17 million. This does not describe the actual earnings or net worth of Ruggs, however.

So how rich is Henry Ruggs Jr.? His sign-on bonus was almost $10 million, and his average salary was just over $4 million.

With court costs and jail looming, this takes a chunk from Henry Ruggs Jr.’s net worth. The NFL has dismissed him, so whether he receives the full amount he was promised is yet to be determined.

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Whether he retains his wealth will depend on how he uses what he has. After taxes, expenses, and legal fees, he should have a substantial portion left over.

In all likelihood, the assumption his net worth is near $10 million is likely accurate, especially if he has invested anywhere.

FAQs About Henry Ruggs Jr.’s Net Worth

What is Henry Ruggs Jr.’s Net Worth?

Mr. Ruggs’ net worth is likely in the neighborhood of $5 million, but it could be less or more. With a loss of his NFL contracts, and his recent guilty plea, the $16 million he should derive from playing football might not describe his real worth.

Does Kevontae Ruggs Play Football?

Kevontae Ruggs is the younger brother of Henry Ruggs. He does play football, and has had his own career highlights over the last several years. Though he has had ups and downs, there is much anticipation for Kevontae to fill the void Henry left.

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Who is Henry Ruggs’ Agent?

Jovan Barnes is Ruggs’ agent. Barnes has legitimate experience. He did not start work as an agent until he had completed his own career with the NFL.

Please note that the net worth of Henry Ruggs Jr. is not publicly disclosed and the exact amount cannot be confirmed.