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Matt Kaulig Net Worth

Matt Kaulig is definitely a man’s man. That is, he’s lived a life that an awful lot of guys would want to live.

He can gun a football, he’s a proven entrepreneur and now he also has a thriving NASCAR team.

What more could a person ask for? A huge net worth? Well, we suspect that Matt Kaulig has that too.

Matt Kaulig Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$3 Million
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Columbus, Ohio
Source of Wealth (SOW):Business
Updated:March 12, 2023

Let’s find out, shall we?

Matt Kaulig Early Life

Matt Kaulig was born in Columbus Ohio, the bustling city on the banks of the Hoover Reservoir.

But his family was on the move, and Matt went to high school in Chicago, IL.

He probably consumed his share of deep dish pizza and hung out at Lake Michigan; but his love was football.

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Such a great quarterback was he that he got a scholarship to play football at the University of Akron, whose mascot is the Zips.

The important part of his time in college is that he dated a cheerleader (Zipette?) named Lisa who would later marry him and become Lisa Kaulig. After quarterbacking for four years, Matt Kaulig graduated in 1996.

Matt Kaulig, Entrepreneur

After graduation, Matt and Lisa decided to settle in Northeast Ohio, back in the place where Kaulig was born.

He did some work in business for a few years, but had that nagging inside that so many folks do.

He wanted to start his own business. So, in 2005, he began a company out of his basement: LeafFilter®Gutter Protection.

This company solves the very real problem of clogged gutters. This can lead to mold and structural damage and all sorts of headaches.

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Well, Kaulig’s solutions proved very adequate for the good people of Ohio.

The business went from the basement to a single office to more than a hundred in just a few years.

From there, it was all about branching out. Kaulig’s companies began offering consumer products for all facets of the home.

Before long, he had established various brands, such as Leaf Home Safety Solutions™ and Leaf Home Water Solutions™.

As you might guess, Matt Kaulig’s net worth really skyrocketed during the 2000’s.

Matt KauligSocial Media
Instagram handle:mattkaulig
Instagram followers:12K followers
YouTube handle@mattkaulig9597
YouTube subscribers:139 subscribers
TikTok handle@kauligracing
TikTok likes:373K likes
Facebook handleMattKaulig
Facebook followers:3K followers
Twitter handleMattKaulig
Twitter followers:29K followers
Updated:March 12, 2023

Other Matt Kaulig Ventures

After Kaulig got his leaf brand and associated companies running nice and smoothly, it was only a matter of time before he’d start expanding his empire.

He did just that with Kaulig Media, which is a large and diverse marketing firm.

The company provides a wide swath of marketing services for its clients, such as brand recognition, video and photo production and even promotional products.

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He has also been involved in philanthropic and charitable ventures, including partnering with the Cleveland Indians for their Charity Giveathon, building a video editing lab in the I Promise School, which was set up by the LeBron James foundation.

Matt Kaulig’s NASCAR Career

In 2015, at which time Kaulig was a well-known entrepreneur with a community spirit, he was invited to get into NASCAR sponsorship.

He started off small, with and a single car entering in Xfinity series races, which are a particular designation in American professional racing.

But Kaulig soon found that having a NASCAR team really suited him, so Kauling Racing was born.

This enterprise is now up to a whopping three Cup-series teams and three Xfinity teams.

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His teams have racked up 15 wins and 77 top-5 finishes. Matt Kaulig’s net worth clearly extends beyond his financial assets and into his leadership.

Ever since his graduation from college, he’s been successful at all his endeavors, or at least most of them, enough that it really adds up.

He’s touched a lot of lives.

Matt Kaulig and IVF

In 2001, when Matt and his wife, Lisa, began trying to start a family, they found it took a lot longer than they’d anticipated.

Eventually they decided to attempt in vitro fertilization, or IVF. In addition to the emotional trials associated with this sort of procedure, it’s expensive and somewhat invasive.

Unfortunately, it took until the third round of IVF for a pregnancy to take hold.

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In 2007, Lisa gave birth to Samantha. Naturally, they are excited about their child and probably especially grateful for her due to the demonstrable difficulty.

Saddened by the thought of how difficult it is for many to afford the procedure, Matt and Lisa set up a grant program called Samantha’s Gift of Hope.

This gives grants to four couples each year to be able to afford IVF. It’s very heartwarming to see the Kauligs giving back in this wonderful way.

Matt Kaulig Net Worth

As you can see, Matt Kaulig’s net worth has come from a variety of sources.

That is often the case for folks with a very large net worth: the snowball effect.

Well, today, it is estimated that Kaulig’s net worth is between $7 and $3 million.

As you can see, he gives so much back into the community, and that’s to be applauded.

Matt Kaulig FAQ

How did Matt Kaulig get his money?

Well, he “got” his money by working and then by becoming something of a serial entrepreneur. After opening a business to fix clogged gutters, Kaulig opened up several home-oriented businesses.

Where did Kaulig make his money

Mark Kaulig opened a variety of businesses not only in Northern Ohio, where he got started, but now all across the United States. He then opened Kaulig Capital, a private equity firm.

Is Matt Kaulig married

It turns out he is. He is coming up on the 25th anniversary to his cherished bride, Lisa. The two of them have a darling daughter, Samantha.

Does Matt Kaulig own LeafFilter

Does he ever! LeafFilter, North, Inc. is one of Matt Kaulig’s many companies, most of which have the word “Leaf” in them. This company cleans out gutters for loving customers, then installing a leaf screen.

It is important to mention that the exact net worth of Matt Kaulig is not publicly available and cannot be confirmed.