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Big Keene Net Worth

Big Keene is a podcaster and social media influencer who courts controversy with his opinionated, often rude style.

He is known for his excessive tattoos and seems to want to sound like an African-American despite his pronounced Southern accent.

Big Keene Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$5 Million
Born:March 15, 1989
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Florida
Source of Wealth (SOW):Digital Media
Updated:March 12, 2023

He is widely hated but still has a large online following. Does he also have a large net worth?

Let’s find out!

Big Keene Early Years

One has to feel a little sorry for Big Keene, since he was born into tough circumstances.

He has stated that his father was in and out of jail; Big Keene’s parents additionally got divorced when he was young, and that can be tough on anyone.

He was born in Florida On March 15, 1989. After his parents’ divorce, his mother moved him and his little brother to a small Alabama town.

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It is there where Big Keene got his nickname. He became a young trouble maker and some of his friends on the streets took to calling him Big King and his little brother Baby Keen.

It is hard to know where these names came from, but somehow the two nicknames got fused into one nickname, Big Keene.

Big Keene, Big Music Fan

Growing up out in the country and being surrounded by pastures and dirt roads, it was only natural for Big Keene to become a country music fan.

In those days, Billy Ray Cyrus was big, and Hank Williams III was just coming into his own.

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But many people of Big Keene’s ethnicity–white–also like rap music, and he was no exception.

In fact, a big part of the biography of Big Keene was written (so to speak) when he learned of the music of Tupac and Snoop Dogg and Biggie Smalls.

Big Keene, Free-styler

A lot of people around Big Keen’s age try to do their own free-style rapping, and he was no exception.

Around 17, even though he still wore some cowboy boots and cowboy hats, Big Keene began doing some free-styling at house parties.

He got a good reaction and felt confident enough you try to put himself out in public, getting an early gig opening for Nelly.

Big Keene’s Youtube Career

Before too long, Big Keene, the way he tells it, got tired of being a well-known Atlanta rapper and didn’t want to have a career as a recording artist.

Instead he started a youtube channel in 2018, doing videos on celebrities and cell phone reviews.

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People seemed to like his trademark flat-billed baseball hat and neck tattoos, not to mention his tats on his upper arms and shoulders.

That might be the only thing responsible for Big Keene’s net worth.


Many of Big Keene’s videos are storm chasing videos or looters after hurricanes.

Some are about tattoos and one with a trailer called “I had a child with a stripper.”

It is unclear why Big Keene got banned from youtube, but it may have been some of his youtube videos on coronavirus, or perhaps some copyright violations.

One controversy sprang up between Big Keene and another social media influencer, Morgan Wallen, who apparently got into hot water for saying the “n-word.”

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This spurred a big debate about “cancel culture.” Any time anyone gets banned from a social platform, they bring up the excuse “cancel culture.”

Rarely does anyone admit they did something wrong. It’s interesting how social media people who get their followers with hot takes and with arguments or fights against others get completely shocked if they ever get banned.

Big KeeneSocial Media
Instagram handle:bigkeene
Instagram followers:51K followers
YouTube handle@BigKeeneOfficial
YouTube subscribers:4K subscribers
TikTok handle@big_keene_
TikTok likes:461K likes
Twitter handleBig_Keene
Twitter followers:5K followers
Updated:March 12, 2023

Big Keene’s Personal Life

While many influencers talk quite a bit about their personal lives, we don’t know a lot about Big Keene’s relationships, Big Keene’s wife, etc.

In fact, he seems to be single, but it is hard to know. He mostly sticks to a persona, which allows him to basically be a “brand” and just get a lot of free products or revenue from designer brands.

More is known about Big Keene’s salary and Big Keene’s net worth than his personal life.

Big Keene’s Net Worth

Whenever someone makes most or all of their money on various social media, people really speculate on their net worth.

Everyone is intrigued by it and wants to know just how rich people can get.

But the answer to the question, “how rich is Big Keene?” is that he is reported to earn $1.5 million per year.

Of course, an influencer’s income is always subject to change and always bobbing up and down.

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Even though his 3,500 youtube subscribers isn’t impressive at all, it’s estimated that his videos ultimately get enough clicks and reactions that he’s been able to earn most of his salary via youtube.

Big Keene does have 50k followers on Instagram, where he posts a lot of pictures of himself holding up products from designers like Gucci, or Pop action figures from Funko.

Apparently, his podcasts and videos and material on other accounts is meant to be mindless fun, and Americans seem to like photos of frivolous consumer goods.

As of 2024, Big Keene’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

This shows how a poor rural person can get nearly a hundred tattoos and make Big Keene’s net worth with seemingly no talent whatsoever.

That is why so many folks aspire to be influencers and make a lot of money, so they can post literally pictures of their money and repeat the process.

It is important to mention that the exact net worth of Big Keene is not publicly available and cannot be confirmed.