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How to Start a Dentist Supply Business and Make Money

Why not start a dentist supply business?

Like most businesses, dental clinics require lots of supplies.

They need drill tips for their drills, disposable medical supplies and of course equipment as well.

You can make a tidy living by supplying them through a dentist supply and repair business.

start dentist supply business

The way it works is that you go around to local dentists and arrange for them to sign a supply contract with you.

You in turn purchase the supplies in large quantity from the manufacturers and then sell them to the dentists in your area who happen to need these supplies.

In essence, you are the middle man in the dentist supply chain.

Another important aspect of this business is the repair of equipment.

Just like equipment at any other office, dentists’ drills and other equipment do break down occasionally and they need to be repaired.

A big part of running a dentist supply business therefore is also offering to repair equipment that has malfunctioned.

In fact, one place we saw actually turned the repair side of the dentist supply game into a franchise business all its own, offering a franchise where you simply take care of repairing dental equipment rather than selling equipment and supplies.

How Much Can You Make When You Start a Dentist Supply Business?

According to Payscale. com, the dentist supply business consists of a number of different jobs, with the lowest paid being a customer service representative for a dentist supply firm (average salary around $29,000 annually) and the highest paycheck going to a regional sales manager, who pulls down $90,000 per year.

A sales representative, which you would likely be as someone who runs a dentist supply business earns an average of around $42,600 per year.

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If you like the idea of being a sales representative but dentists make you nervous (it happens to lots of people), you may also want to consider working as a medical supply sales representative.

The concept is basically the same, except that you sell medical supplies instead of dental supplies.

Another possibility for working both with dentists and doctors (and which will also offer you an additional earning stream if you combine it with being a dentist supply sales representative) is a drug salesman.

There are thousands of medications on the market and dentists especially need to have some on hand to administer in their clinics, so you can sell them to dentists while also expanding to hospitals and pharmacies which need to keep stocks as well.

In general, it pays to be a friendly person who can talk to almost anyone.

You are in essence a door to door salesman and as such, you need to be able to charm your way past the receptionist to talk to the dentist who actually makes the purchasing decisions.

Specifically with the repair side of the equation whereas Dentists’ Choice deals primarily with supplies.

It will help you to learn what dentists need to purchase regularly so you can gain a better understanding of the business.