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Jim Pillen Net Worth

Jim Pillen has a very traditional “American dream” story. 

He’s a small-towner who has lived in Nebraska, in the prairies of the United States, his whole life. 

He’s built an empire based on knowledge and research in the ways of raising pigs and other farming-related issues.

Jim Pillen Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$2 Million
Born:December 31, 1955
Height:6 ft (1.83 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Columbus, Nebraska
Source of Wealth (SOW):Politics
Updated:March 12, 2023

As you might guess, Mr. Pillen has racked up a handsome net worth for himself over the years, and we will explore that in this article.

Childhood and Education of Jim Pillen

The story of Jim Pillen’s net worth and his great career begins with his childhood. 

Pillen almost became a New Year’s baby, instead being born on December 31, 1955.  His place of birth is Columbus, Nebraska, and he was raised on a farm. 

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Helping his father, Dale, raise pigs, made an indelible impression on Jim, a future gubernatorial candidate.

Jim Pillen went to Lakeview High School and then to the University of Nebraska, where he graduated in 1979 with a degree in Animal Science. 

While there, Jim Pillen played football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the name of the team of the college in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

His work as a defensive back eventually earned him membership in the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame.

But rather than seeking an enormous net worth as an NFL football player, Pillen decided to go to graduate school. 

He chose Kansas State University, where he earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Jim Pillen’s Professional Life

The professional life of Jim Pillen can be considered a bit unique. 

Rather than founding a company that manufacturers products, delivers services, or invests money, Pillen went a different route.  He started off as a veterinary consultant.  

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It wasn’t too long, however, before Pillen realized that at heart, he was a farmer.  He began to feel the pull of the calling he’d grown up in, and he became a partner of his father, Dale. 

They started a farm raising pigs and eventually developed a farm that thrived enough to employ nearly a thousand people. 

Eventually this business would become known, appropriately enough, as Pillen Family Farms. Jim’s children would begin to work on the farm.

Community Involvement

Many business leaders get involved in the community, and Jim Pillen is no exception.  He served for a while as the president of the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as the chair of the Columbus Community Hospital Board of Directors. 

Further, he served as a board member of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration Advisory Board.  It is no wonder, then, that he would eventually win the Republican Party’s nomination for Governor in 2022. 

In this capacity, he enjoys the support of conservative figures such as former governor Kay Orr.

Jim Pillen Personal Life

Jim Pillen’s biography sure wouldn’t be complete without a look at his personal life, since that component of his life is very rich and seems to define so much of him. 

In addition to his work with family farms and DNA genetics, Pillen is very much a family man. 

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He met Suzanne Pillen, his wife, when he was an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska. 

They have four children, Brock, Izic, Polly, and Sarah Pillen. 

They now have several grandchildren who just may be a part of the family business at some point.

Jim Pillen Quotes

Here are some inspiring quotes from a man who learned about competition as a football player, about business as a farmer, and family as a parent and grandparent:

“I know that, when common-sense-driven, conservative Nebraskans come together, the sky is the only limit on what we can achieve.”

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“Of everything we produce in Nebraska, nothing beats our children.”

Jim Pillen Social Media

Having made the transition from business man and farmer to political candidate, Pillen knew he could either put together a Jim Pillen wiki or increase his social media presence to get his message out there. 

He has decided not to put the focus on LinkedIn, but to put his time into some of the other platforms. 

His twitter account, with a respectable 3,400 followers, puts out some information on his candidacy.

Jim PillenSocial Media
Instagram handle:jimpillen
Instagram followers:93 followers
YouTube handle@jimpillenforgovernor1633
YouTube subscribers:194 subscribers
Facebook handleJimPillenforGovernor
Facebook followers:9K followers
Twitter handlejim_pillen
Twitter followers:5K followers
Updated:March 12, 2023

Jim Pillen Net Worth

The question of how wealthy is Jim Pillen is one that you may still be wondering about. It’s hard to blame you. 

It’s not something that a candidate for governor necessarily broadcasts all over.  However, it is estimated that Jim Pillen’s net worth is roughly $2 million. 

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A family farm business is very rewarding, and can bring in some money, but isn’t as lucrative as other industries. 

Therefore, Pillen’s net worth is rather impressive.

Jim Pillen FAQ

How Much Net Worth Does Jim Pillen Have?

That’s a great question.  It’s estimated that through his Pillen Family Farms, Jim Pillen has amassed a net worth of $2 million.

Is Jim Pillen married?

Without a doubt, he is. Just ask his wife, Suzanne Pillen.  In fact, the two of them have been together for 40 years and have a large farming family.

It is important to bring attention to the fact that the net worth of Jim Pillen is not publicly available and the specific amount cannot be determined.