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Valerie Plame Net Worth, Biography, Career, Age, Relationship

Valerie Plame’s journey through life has been anything but ordinary, with failed marriages and a national scandal that led to her dismissal from the CIA. However, she leaned into the scandal to secure a successful career as a writer, and with her CIA ties, determining Valerie Plame’s net worth is no easy feat.

Valerie Plame net worth
Net Worth 2024:$5 Million
Born:August 13, 1963
Height:5 ft 3 in (1.6 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Anchorage, Alaska
Source of Wealth (SOW):Government Service
Updated:August 8, 2023

Valerie Plame Makes Waves

The Central Intelligence Agency is a surveillance group. Because their business is intelligence, they seek information wherever they can.

So someone who isn’t employed daily isn’t necessarily free from the CIA. When we consider Valerie Elise Plame Wilson, a former CIA officer, this is important.

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Valerie Plame’s net worth may well involve CIA ties. To get an idea who Valerie Plame is, and what facts hide between the lines, we’re going to look at her life.

Valerie Plame in Her Early Years

Valerie Plame was born on an air force base in Anchorage, Alaska. Her mother’s maiden name was McClintock, her father was Samuel Plame III.

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Plame is short for Plamevotski, a Slavic name of Ukrainian origin. Plame’s paternal grandfather was a Jewish Ukrainian.

She attended Pennsylvania State University, graduating at 22 in 1985.

The Educational Background of Valerie Plame

Valerie Plame worked in media early on. In college, she edited the campus newspaper. She graduated from high school and college.

Since her father was in the air force, it’s easy to suppose Valerie was a military kid. Military families move frequently throughout the country.

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After Valerie graduated college she moved to Washington D. C. In D. C. , she sent an application to the CIA.

By 1986 she was in training. The scandal Plame is known for happened in the early 2000s. Valerie’s career from the late eighties until then is hard to find details about. It is still classified.

Life Behind the Scenes for Valerie Plame

Valerie’s status as a CIA officer was leaked in 2003. The scandal rocked D.C. People would lose their job. One man, Scooter Libby, wasn’t free of the scandal until he was pardoned by President Donald Trump in 2018.

This is despite the fact he wasn’t the only one who enabled the leak. Karl Rove was also involved. Valerie Plame has had a difficult romantic life.

Her first marriage to Todd Sesler did not work out, neither did her second. Valerie Plame married Joseph Wilson, her second husband, and they were divorced in 2017.

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It is unclear whether Valerie Plame filed for divorce, or Joseph Wilson did. What is clear is that they are no longer together.

Espionage makes relationships difficult. There are many reasons for this. Consider the value of courting an asset for your government.

Now consider if that courtship conflicts with an existing marriage. There is a laissez-faire attitude among such people regarding such things.

Notable Professional Accomplishments of Valerie Plame

If you saw the first Mission Impossible movie with Tom Cruise, you might remember the term “NOC”. NOC stands for Non-Official Cover.

In that movie someone was going to release the NOC list. Valerie Plame was a real-life NOC. A leak revealed this information. This became important after a serious scandal involving then-president George W.

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Bush. Much of the justification for the “War in Iraq” had to do with WMDs. WMDs are Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Valerie’s husband called into question Bush’s assessment Iraq was seeking nuclear materials for WMDs. This that initiated the CIA leak scandal.

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It was revealed Wilson’s then-wife, Valerie, was a CIA operative. Valerie Wilson’s cover was blown, and she had become “fair game” for the media.

This resulted in her dismissal from the CIA. She wrote a novel called Fair Game about the event. This eventually became a 2010 movie staring Naomi Watts as Valerie, and Sean Penn as her husband Joseph Wilson.

Valeire Plame's net worth - fair game - the movie

Valerie wrote a series of spy books starting in 2011. These books were likely related to the film’s success.

After her dismissal from the CIA, there were further legal hearings. After that, Valerie became somewhat obscure.

By 2017, she surfaced again opposing Donald Trump. Plame has a history opposing right-wing leadership. This is politically relevant. George Bush Sr. was a CIA director. Donald Trump did not get along with the CIA. Valerie questioned George W. Bush and opposed Donald Trump.

She was CIA, and is venerated by leftists like Sean Penn (who reportedly has a very low IQ). Valerie ran for office in New Mexico in 2019. New Mexico is most dependent on federal aid. Valerie’s bid for election there could have been a strategy to position herself for intelligence purposes.

One never truly retires from the CIA.

A Peek at Valerie Plame’s Social Media

Valerie Plame has 21K Facebook followers. She presents herself youthfully, despite being 59 in 2023. Her email address is “spiesliesnukes[at]”. That’s “on the nose”.

It’s also the name of a speaking tour she advertise on Facebook. She lists herself as a motivational speaker from New Mexico.

She lists herself as a politician on Instagram. Her profile is “@ValeriePlameForCongress”. She says she’s a mother of twins and a community activist.

Most images there are political. She has 4K followers.

Valerie PlameSocial Media
Instagram handle:valerieplameforcongress
Instagram followers:4K followers
YouTube handle@valerieplameforcongress2104
YouTube subscribers:3K subscribers
Facebook handleSpiesLiesNukes22
Facebook followers:21K followers
Twitter handlevalerieplame
Twitter followers:43K followers
Updated:August 8, 2023

What We Can Learn From Valerie Plame’s Journey Through Life

Valerie has been involved in two failed marriages and a national scandal. She leaned into the scandal to secure a successful career as a writer.

She probably gets residuals for the film Fair Game. At minimum, rights for the book were purchased. She has two children and two failed marriages.

Her activity is distinctly partisan. CIA ties indicate ongoing intelligence relationships. She seems to be a typical deep state operative.

She is following traditional arcs associated with such persons toward political office. The takeaway here is: it’s better not to become a government operative.

Factors That Seem to Indicate Valerie Plame’s Net Worth

So just how rich is Valerie Plame? CIA ties make determining Valerie Plame’s net worth hard. As a NOC, she has had access to funds.

How they were used between 1985 and 2003 is totally unknown. She wrote a book that was made a major Hollywood film. She continued writing books.

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Some estimates put her net worth at $5 million. This is likely a conservative estimate. Production budgets for films often define book rights payout.

It’s usually 2 to 3%. At a budget of $22 million, that’s $440k to $660k. If her rights contract included residuals, that could be higher.

Her other books and Fair Game turned a profit. $5 million does seem a good minimum estimate. Her net worth could be higher. With CIA ties, it’s hard to tell.


What is Valerie Plame’s net worth

As of 2024, Valerie Plame’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. Plame became wealthy through her careers as a spy, author, and commentator.

It is important to mention that the net worth of Valerie Plame is not a public information and the exact amount cannot be confirmed with certainty.