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Ayden Mekus Net Worth, Age, Career, Earnings, Bio and More

Ayden Mekus is an actor and social media star who has been on the radar since 2018, when he appeared in the short “Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

Ayden Mekus net worth
Net Worth 2023:$1.5 Million
Born:August 2, 2005
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Coronado, California
Source of Wealth (SOW):Digital Media
Updated:March 13, 2023

He has since branched out into commercials, feature films, a youtube channel and a clothing line.

Would you like to know what this mad prankster’s net worth is? Why not? Prepare to be blown right out of your chair.

Ayden Mekus, the Early Years

Come with us, if you will, on a trip through time, back into the ancient days of 2005, when Ayden Mekus was born in Northern California.

Ayden Mekus’ parents are Larry Mekus and Maria Mekus. Before long, the family decided to move near San Diego to a place called Coronado Island.

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Like pretty much every kid born in the 21st century, he had to have a vlog, so he set one up, though there doesn’t seem to be anything remarkable about it.

He then began appearing in videos on the channel of Dhar Mann, yet another youtuber.

Mann’s vids tend to tell human interest stories about people. Titles include “Boy Rejected in Front of the School,” and “Poor Dad has taken his son away.”

He, for some reason, claims to be changing the world with his “positive message.”

However, his employees protesting his poor treatment of them might beg to differ.

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Later, Ayden did a segment on Dhar Mann’s video, “Reacting to Myself on Dhar Mann.”

We’re hoping for a sequel, “Reacting to My Reaction to Myself on Dhar Mann, Being Sure to Note my Reaction so I Can React to It.”

Mekus then opened a youtube channel focusing on him doing mean things to people which are OK because they’re just pranks.

In one, he had his best friend be mean to his crush for twenty-four hours.

It’s funny because she thought he was really being mean, but it was only Youtube mean.

Acting, Acting, Acting!

Think youtubers never do legitimate show-biz jobs? Think again! At the tender age of 13, you could see we were on our way to an “Ayden Mekus Net Worth” article when the youngster began starring in an unusual number of short films.

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He started racking up more credits, really builing an acting career. For example, he showed his face in the Justin Jesso & Nina Nesbitt video, “Let It Be Me.”

Be sure to give it a spin to figure out what “it” could be. The answer just may shock you.

Well, from there it was a lot of TV series for young Mr. Mekus. Titles include Jentzen Ramirez, Sawyer Sharbino, and P.S. Positive Stories.

Reality TV

A friend of Ayden’s, Claire RockSmith (why does she have a capital letter in the middle of her name?

We do not know) created a reality series about herself and her friends and their challenges.

Now, pay attention: Claire’s cousin is Piper Rockelle, who has a squad, which we’ll discuss more further.

Big drama!

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In any case, “Adventures With Claire” began airing in 2020. Claire appears in 93 episodes, while most other people appear in about 40, so apparently she became a bigtime loner at some point, and perhaps you can catch episodes of her hiking alone in the hills or asking the mirror why no one likes her.

Ayden Mekus, Entrepreneur

In addition to making money as an actor, Ayden Mekus is making money as a Teen-trepreneur.

And we’re talking mad skrilla. Ayden Mekus’ net worth is mushrooming now.

His branding has to do with “Positive Choices,” and you can’t exactly have “Positive Choice whiskey flasks for teens” or something like that, so Mekus decided to go for clothing.

What’s a positive choice, you may ask. Well, one t-shirt reads “make today awesome.”

So if you’re having a bad day, you have made a bad choice, sir or madam. Maybe you can work on that.

Personal Life of a Mekus

No Ayden Mekus bio would be complete without a peek behind the curtain? I mean, he’s already on a reality show, but in case you’re wondering about his non-reality TV reality, here goes.

An avid dancer, Mekus studied his craft at the Millenium Dance Studio and at San Diego Dance Works.

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He enjoys playing basketball, chilling with his friends, and you know Adam Mekus’ girlfriend has some of his time too.

Ayden MekusSocial Media
Instagram handle:ayden.mekus
Instagram followers:1000K followers
YouTube handle@AydenMekusOfficial
YouTube subscribers:1M subscribers
TikTok handle@aydenmekus
TikTok likes:171M likes
Facebook followers:29K followers
Twitter handleAydenMekus
Twitter followers:15K followers
Updated:March 13, 2023

After all, at the time of this writing, he is 17355. You have to do things other than appearing is music videos.

If you had Ayden Mekus’ net worth, you’d shoot some hoop, too, right? It’s not something just anyone can do.

So What is Ayden Mekus’ Net Worth?

OK, we’re looking at $1.5 million. Now that’s a nest egg. He seems to have been monetizing his youtube page like a madman, unless cinematic shorts pay a lot more than we’d imagined.

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Of course, he has his apparel business, and we all like apparel. I wonder if he talks about his net worth with his friends.

I mean, they’re all youtubers, too, so it’s not really impolite.

What Does All of This Mean?

We’re all here to learn. What can we say about society, life, and celebrity from the life of Ayden.

Well, Ayden was born into a family that had the resources to send him to auditions and get his face out there.

They seem to be very supportive, and he seems to have tried rather hard to make his mark.

Not everyone who pranks their friends is going to end up on TV miniseries and owning his own clothing line.

That takes determination, drive, and a wholesome face. Ayden seems to check each and every box.

But there’s no doubt that money is out there to be made, and it does seem to require a Youtube page.

We’re sure there are folks out there who aren’t social media influencers who also have a nice net worth, we just can’t name any right now.

Ayden Mekus FAQ

How Did Ayden Mekus Get Famous?

Ayden Mekus is a youtuber and actor who appeared in a few of Dhar Mann’s videos in addition to his own channel. He then began appearing in short films and music videos.

Is Ayden Mekus is Piper Rockelle’s Squad?

Ayden is no longer a member of Piper Rockelle’s squad, having left in 2022. All indicators are that it’s Claire’s fault.

How Old is Ayden Mekus?

As of early 2023, young Mr. Mekus is just 17355 years old. Mothers, lock up your daughters.

Please note that the net worth of Ayden Mekus is not publicly disclosed and the exact amount cannot be confirmed.