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Jovi Dufren Net Worth, Bio, Age, Professional Life, Relationship

Jovi Dufren is a traveler and adventurer, as well as a star of the reality series 90 Day Fiance.

Jovi Dufren net worth
Net Worth 2024:$0.22 Million
Born:January 21, 1990
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:New Orleans, Louisiana
Source of Wealth (SOW):Modeling
Updated:March 13, 2023

Through the show and through his social media, he clues folks in on how to quit your job, travel, and have a beautiful wife.

With a free spirit like that, it’s only natural to wonder how much money is Jovi Dufren making.

He definitely has an alternative lifestyle, and he likes to boast about his lack of permanent job.

So, we’ll spill the beans on Jovi Dufren’s net worth. Don’t go anywhere.

Who is Jovi Dufren?

That’s a difficult question to answer. In terms of his ticket into quasi-celebrity status, that mostly comes from the show 90-Day Fiance.

This show has a premise so cynical and disturbing that it’s hard to believe.

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In short, women who are trying to get K-1 visas to the U. S. are set up with eligible bachelors here, then expected to date and get to know each other, and they have 90 days for their visa-getting marriage.

Wrong in so many ways. In any case, Jovi was one of the Americans on Season 8 and made a pretty good impression.

He turned his fifteen minutes of mail-order marriage into attention, a whole lot of Instagram followers, and money-making opportunities.

Jovi and Yara’s Adventures

Jovi Dufren’s partner on 90 Day Finance was a stunning blonde Ukranian woman named Yara Zaya.

It is unclear, but it’s possible that they’d met in Hungary and then signed up for the show, or possibly the show brought them together.

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In any case, it was clear on the series that the two had good chemistry, which is why they became popular contestants on the show.

On one memorial episode, Jovi proposed marriage, and the wedding took place in Las Vegas.

Not surprisingly, Jovi and Yara returned to 90 Day Fiance for reunion seasons 6 and 7: Happily Ever After?

since they are absolutely an example of a couple that worked out.

Jovi’s Jobs

When you sail onto the scene with instant success as a reality TV star, you had to have had a “normal” job all along to pay the bills.

In Jovi’s case, it’s also all about making the kind of skrilla to impress the ladies.

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For most of his adult life, Jovi Dufren’s net worth came from his main job, an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) pilot.

Most ROVs are to be used underwater–these are basically underwater drones, too small for a person to “pilot” in the normal sense.

That’s where the “remote” comes in. The pilot–Jovi Dufren, for example–often uses these vehicles to search for underwater treasure.

This unique adventurer has had a lot of jobs. They’ve all been interesting as well as lucrative.

He has earned money managing system assets. This field helps companies attain project related goals.

He has also worked for an oil and gas company.

Jovi’s Personal Life

Jovi Dufren was born in 1990, meaning that Jovi’s age is now 17406. He in an Aquarius and was born in Larose, Louisiana, a village where two large waterways meet.

Maybe that sight inspired Jovi to become a traveler–to follow each river to see where it goes, one might say.

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In any case, he went to South Lafourche High School. . He seems to have entered the workforce shortly after graduation.

These days, In addition to traveling, Jovi is an avid bicyclist and health nut. He seems to lift weights and visit the gym a lot, often with his new bride.

Jovi DufrenSocial Media
Instagram handle:jovid11
Instagram followers:383K followers
TikTok handle@jovidufren
TikTok likes:140K likes
Facebook handlejovidufren90
Facebook followers:39K followers
Twitter handlejovid11
Twitter followers:166 followers
Updated:March 13, 2023

Jovi has stated that he and Yara have tiny arguments about all sorts of things. One issue is that he’s a bit more active and Jovi likes to relax a bit more.

It’s also been made known that Jovi confides in his mom a lot and has a very close relationship with her.

He sure seems a lot more grounded than other folks who have graced reality TV shows.

As for family, Jovi and Yara haven’t yet had children. However, we sadly report that Yara miscarried when they were expecting their first.

Jovi’s Net Worth

To date, we see a net worth of $0.22 million for young Jovi. It is unclear if this includes sale potential for his remote vehicles, etc.

But we do know that Jovi is no longer working a day job. As much as he loved adventuring for his job, he ultimately decided that remaining untethered was the life for him.

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So his current net worth reflects that loss of income. However, we predict Jovi’s net worth will rise.

Smart investment alone is a likely way for that to happen. And we feel he’ll be able to take his love of travel, his lovely wife, and his lovely name recognition and turn them into opportunities.

Jovi FAQ

How Much does Jovi Dufren Make?

It is reported that Jovi Dufren has made $15 from 90 Day Fiance. He is currently without a salary because he decided to quit his day job, which had been an operator of Remotely Operated Vehicles.

Is Jovi adopted?

Jovi is definitely not adopted, and that’s according to his mother, Gwen. He made an off-hand remark that he was on 90 Day Fiance and people took it seriously.

Where do Jovi and Yara live?

At the present, Jovi and Yara still live in suburban New Orleans. However, Jovi is hinting at moving to Florida, as Yara does not like New Orleans.

It should be noted that the net worth of Jovi Dufren is not a matter of public record and the exact number cannot be determined.