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Ron Duguay Net Worth

It’s only natural to be curious about Ron Duguay’s net worth. It’s one of the many facts about this successful hockey player and beloved coach.

In fact, you might call Ron Duguay’s net worth a type of destination at the end of an exciting journey!

Ron Duguay Net Worth
Net Worth 2024:$3 Million
Born:July 6, 1957
Height:6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Native Country:Canada
Place of Birth:Greater Sudbury
Source of Wealth (SOW):Professional Sports
Updated:March 12, 2023

Ron Duguay’s Early Years

Ron Duguay was born in Northern Ontario, and like any good resident of a Canadian province, he played junior hockey.

Over a four-year stint, he established himself as a deadly scorer, and was so good he made the national junior team, which competes in a sort of junior Olympics.

Duguay nothed 5 points in as many games, leading Canada to second place. If ever there was a rising star it was Duguay.

New York Rangers: Early NHL Career

In 1977, Ron Duguay’s life really went into turbo when he became the first-round draft pick (13th overall) of the New York Rangers.

After making the NHL semis two seasons in row, 1973-’75, the Rangers had begun to slide under head coach John Furguson, not even making the playoffs in 1976-’77.

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They hired a new coach, Jean-Guy Talbot and hoped that rookie Ron Duguay would pan out.

Well, Duguay had a good rookie season and by 1981-82, had become the team’s leading scorer.

The team improved, but finished at various stages of the playoffs in these years.

One of the fortuitous elements of the early 80’s for Duguay was that the team was very entertainment oriented.

This was due to the fact that the NHL was struggling for attendance, particularly for non-Canadian teams; other sports were getting flashier in an effort to compete for an audience; and the team was located in New York City, where fans have so many entertainment options.

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The team president was Sonny Werblin, who’d helped develop the rockstar quarterback Joe Namath, of the New York Jets, and wanted to do the same with some of his hockey players.

One of Werblin’s schemes was to record a song–several years before the Chicago Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle“–with several of his players singing.

It was called “Hockey Sock Rock” and you really just have to hear it. But it was written by actor Alan Thicke, who would soon star in the popular TV series “Growing Pains.”

Duguay’s baby steps into the entertainment industry would make a big impression on him.

Later NHL Career

However, New York would be Duguay’s home for only so long. He would soon be traded to the Detroit Red Wings as part of a 6-man deal.

He played with Detroit from 1983 to ’86, contributing in both goals and assists.

Srom there, it was a short stint with the Pittsburgh Penguins, before going back to the Rangers.

During his second go with this club, he was sent down the minor leagues for the first time, playing in the IHL (International Hockey League).

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Fighting to hold on to his NHL career, Ron Duguay caught on with the Los Angeles Kings in 1988-89.

A couple of brief comeback attempts didn’t yield much in the way of results.

He then played more minor league hockey and eventually served as a minor league coach for the Jacksonville Barracudas.

It was then time for Duguay to build a life as a former professional ice hockey player.

Acting/Television Career

If you’re wondering how is Ron Duguay so rich, his acting career gives some nice clues.

Sure, the salary of a National Hockey League player is pretty stylin’, even back in the 1980’s, there are plenty of pro athletes who blow their money before long and end up in deep trouble.

Ron Duguay’s net worth only increased after his hockey career, largely due to his acting career.

He was already familiar with TV production and with being in front of the camera from during his hockey career.

In 1983, while with the Rangers, he’d been a judge of the Miss Universe Pageant.

In 1997, he made a major leap forward. Several years earlier, he’d finished a brief turn with the Los Angeles Kings, and since he was known for his long, curly hair and seemed camera-ready, he was tapped by the TV show Beverly Hills 90210 to play himself in an episode called “Face-off” in which one of the main characters, Brandon Walsh, gets into some kind of hockey duel with a rival suitor of one of the female characters.

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However, Robert DeNiro and Will Smith didn’t have to sweat over Duguay taking their jobs as cinema stars.

Ron Duguay was a bit more in his element in reality TV shows. In 2009, he began taking part in a very Canadian version of Dancing With the Stars, where all the dancing took place on ice.

On Battle of the Blades, A professional hockey player is paired with a figure skater to perform dance routines.

If you find you are not a successful TV producer, perhaps it is because you didn’t think of this hit show!

But Duguay wasn’t done yet, and went on to an appearance in the real estate reality series Million Dollar Listing: New York.

Romantic Life

Over the years, Ron Duguay has enjoyed a romantic life that many people would probably envy.

Professional ice hockey players have the opportunity to meet many beautiful women, including actresses and models, and Duguay has been very active on that score.

He was still wet behind the ears as an NHL player when he met model Robin Bobo, and the two were married on Dec. 1 1983.

That dynamic duo had two children, both daughters, but divorced after several years.

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Not wanting to stop dating models, Duguay began a relationship with Kim Alexis.

The two tied the knot in 1993 and stayed married until 2016.

Currently, it has been confirmed by multiple sources that Duguay is dating former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Who knew he was hanging out in Alaska?

Ron DuguaySocial Media
Instagram handle:ronduguay10
Instagram followers:16K followers
Twitter handleRonDuguay10
Twitter followers:21K followers
Updated:March 12, 2023

Ron Duguay’s Broadcasting Work

After his playing days, probably wanting to keep his net worth up, Duguay did some broadcasting for New York Rangers games on the MSG Network.

Then he began appearing as a panelist on “Hockey Night Live!” This went from 2007-2018.

Life Lessons From Ron Duguay

If you’re reading this, you’re wondering how much is Ron Duguay worth? Well, he’s worth quite a bit, and there are some great life lessons to learn from him.

He started out as a hockey player and kept at it. He built a bit of a reputation with his long, flowing hair and his swagger.

Those are the kind of things that earn invitations to participate in recording sessions, being a guest judge, etc.

A key takeaway from Duguay’s life and career is that he leveraged a few modest instances of public speaking to make more appearances in shows and to be a broadcaster.

Duguay diversified and found various revenue streams, while not straying too far from his wheelhouse and skillset.

There’s no reason to go crazy with things in which you have no credibility.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t run for governor!

Ron Duguay’s Net Worth

As of 2022, hockey player Ron Duguay’s net worth is $3 million dollars.

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One expects it to keep rising, since he’ll probably get more opportunities for reality shows, and one can sense he has something up his sleeve.

Ron Duguay FAQ

What does Ron Duguay do now?

Last we heard, Ron Duguay has been traveling between Florida and New York, and is involved in a great children’s charity called The Legacy Program. He is retired.

Who is Ron Duguay married to?

Having gotten divorces from his first wife, Robin Bobo, and his second, Kim Alexis, Duguay is not currently married. However, as of 2022, reliable information says he’s dating Sarah Palin.

How old is Ron Duguay?

Famed former ice hockey star Ron Duguay was born in July 6, 1957. Therefore, after July 6, 2022 he is 65, so if you’re reading this in a later year, just add on the appropriate number of years.

It is important to bring attention to the fact that the net worth of Ron Duguay is not publicly available and the specific amount cannot be determined.