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Brooke Hall Net Worth, Career, Personal Life, Bio, Age, Income

How did Brooke Hall get wealthy? What’s Brooke Hall’s net worth? These are questions we’ll all ask ourselves sooner or later.

Brooke Ashely Hall net worth
Net Worth 2023:$1.3 Million
Born:April 19, 1993
Height:5 ft 6 in (1.67 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Warren, Ohio
Source of Wealth (SOW):Entrepreneurship
Updated:March 13, 2023

Well, Brooke Hall is a youtube and TikTok star with the usual list of vids–lip sync videos, glute workout videos, makeup videos.

You know the drill. However, Brooke is known for her attractive and charming personality, and that goes a long way when it comes to online vids.

Come learn all the facts about Brooke Hall and see the path she took to her awesome net worth.

Brooke Hall Grows Up

Brooke Ashley Hall celebrates her birthday on Apr. 19, ever since the first one in 1993.

Our lovely TikTok star was born in Warren, OH, which means that Brooke Ashley Hall’s nationality is American.

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And she’s also an Aries. Boy, we’d love a lot more information about, her upbringing and she seems to be kind of private.

We just know that she went to her local high school and then to a local private university.

In her early life, could she have guessed the notoriety she’d one day have as a social media rock star?

We guess “no.”

The Beverly Halls

What is the Beverly Halls? Just an awkward pun? No, it’s all about family, which gives us a chance to discuss Brooke’s personal and family life just a little.

She was working as a nurse when she met Marco Hall, a boxer, if not a particularly famous one.

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Anyway, Brooke and Marco began dating and eventually got married, giving Brooke her present last name, Hall.

Now, Brooke has a son Braylon, from a previous relationship. She and Marco then had two sons, Mar’Cannon and Caeden, who are now 7 and 2.

Well, with a lot of children strung out in age, and a step-parent/step-child situation, there arise the kind of challenges you often see on TV series, right?

So to show their family’s challenges and triumphs, the Halls set up the Beverly Halls youtube channel.

This started off with quite a few videos starring Brooke and Marco. Then they started bringing the children in more and documenting things like going to concerts, trying new restaurants, trying on clothing, etc.

Later, the children would start contributing their own videos. Their videos were similar to those of their parents, doing some pranks, having some funny moment, showing their outfit before an event, etc.

Brooke’s TikTok

But no sooner had the Halls gotten their youtube empire established, when a new video platform sailed into the bliposphere–TikTok.

Now, when people think of Brooke Hall, they think of her TikTok page. She basically started her TikTok account with a lot of the same kinds of content as her Beverly Hall youtube page.

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Fitness was a main topic of Brooke’s early TikTok vids. She also struck gold with a performance of Drake’s song “Toosie Slide.”

As with all successful social media influencers, Brooke Ashley Hall built up a loyal following.

And once that happened, Brooke Hall’s net worth found a growth spurt. Once you get to the point where people will click on anything you put out there, you’re golden.

Brooke Ashley Hall quote

You can make videos on restocking the fridge, eating grapes, playing a supposedly funny prank on your husband: anything!

That really brings in the followers, which brings in the net worth. Brooke’s TikTok channel has more than 10 million followers.

One thing that helped grow her fan base was the tragedy of Covid-19. You’ll remember, a lot of people really freaked out as a reaction to the first, sudden lockdowns.

They needed connection, so any simple topic would work. Plus, it gave Brooke and her family more time to create.

Versace Controversy

Brooke Ashley Hall created a bit of controversy by trying to prank employees at one of Versace’s locations.

It was one of these “political point” videos, at least by its design. She wanted to show prejudice by dressing as, in her words “a homeless person” in leggings and a hoodie (OK) and show that she was treated badly because she didn’t look rich.

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Well, we never saw the video. Instead, we see Brooke curling her hair while talking into the camera and telling the story.

Brooke HallSocial Media
Instagram handle:brookeashleyhall
Instagram followers:1000K followers
YouTube handle@brookehall8198
YouTube subscribers:153K subscribers
TikTok handle@brookeashleyhall
TikTok likes:521M likes
Updated:March 13, 2023

It turns out that the customer service was really good. So, instead of showing a video of the premise, then showing the excellent service (perhaps with any of the other Halls shooting it from a distance), then praising the employees, she just reveals that she was trying to make a point, never really acknowledges her failure, says that she looked like “trash” and thus insulting homeless people and demonstrating she doesn’t really know what they look like, and posting a video that is generally pointless and boring.

This got comments on a reddit page called “beverly halls snark” which is there for people to rant about all things Hall.

Brooke Hall’s Net Worth

So what is Brooke Hall’s net worth in 2023? Well, it’s time to hear it here first.

You already know that Brooke Hall’s age is 17405 (her 30th birthday is Apr. 19, 2023) and that Brooke Ashley Hall’s height is five feet six inches, a hundred and sixty-five centimeters.

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Well, her net worth is now $1.3 million–and counting. Don’t miss out on the developments of the story of this single teen mom turned social media sensation.

Brooke Hall FAQ

What Does Brooke Ashley Hall do For a Living?

Brooke Ashley Hall is a social media influencer with very prominent youtube and TikTok pages. She chronicles everyday things in her life with her husband and kids.

What are the Beverly Halls Famous For?

Well, they’re not famous for a particular thing. Brooke Hall got her start as a youtuber with a lot of fitness videos around the time she met boxer Marco Hall, got married, and started a youtube page that turned into a TikTok account.

How did Marco Hall Make his Money?

Much of Marco Hall’s net worth comes from social media he does with his wife, Brooke Ashley Hall. Before this sort of work, Hall had been a low-level professional boxer.

What is Brooke Hall’s net worth?

As of 2023, Brooke Hall’s net worth is estimated at $1.3 million. Brooke Hall amassed riches through her successful business ventures.

It is crucial to mention that the net worth of Brooke Hall is not a publicly accessible information and the exact figure cannot be verified.