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Louis Partridge Net Worth, Relationship, Age, Career, Earnings

British actor Louis Partridge is really on the way with his stage and screen career.

The Enola Holmes star is still shy of his 19th birthday but has already made an international name for himself.

Louis Partridge net worth
Net Worth 2024:$2 Million
Born:June 3, 2003
Height:5 ft 11 in (1.79 m)
Native Country:United Kingdom
Place of Birth:Wandsworth
Source of Wealth (SOW):Entertainment
Updated:March 13, 2023

In the soon-to-be-released series Disclaimer, he joins a star-studded cast which includes Cate Blanchett, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Kevin Kline.

As much as he’s surely committed to his craft, we know Louis Partridge doesn’t work for free.

So how much dough have his acting opportunities brought in? Louis Partridge’s net worth just may inspire you.

Louis Partridge, Up and Coming Actor

Louis Patridge was born on June 3, 2003, to proud parents James and Liz. He has two sisters, Issie Partridge and Millie Partridge.

He became interested in acting fairly young and began to pursue it.

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The young man followed in the the Shakesperean tradition of male actors playing female parts when he brought to life Maid Marion in a production of Peter Pan.

That experience would surely benefit him later, as we’ll see. As for his film debut, it wasn’t much longer.

In 2014, the eleven-year-old appeared in the short film Beneath Water. Then he broke into the mainstream by landing the role of Piero de Medici in the series Medici

Louis Partridge quote

His film career would soon really take off when he played a role in the critically-acclaimed and award-winning Netflix film Enola Holmes.

He played the title character’s love interest, Viscout Tewkesbury. This paired him with the well-known actress Millie Bobby Brown.

The story was about Sherlock Holmes’ sister, Enola, who endeavors to find her missing mother.

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Luckily for a budding actor like Partridge, they shot a sequal, Enola Holmes 2, which hit theaters in 2022.

This movie featured the stars of the first, while adding the terrific David Thewlis.

By this time, Partridge was known as a solid actor, and his role as Sid Vicious in the limited series Pistol (starring Sydney Chandler) showed his versatility.

His reward was another shot at Peter Pan, but this time he got to actually play Peter Pan–in the movie Lost Girls.

Because of its focus on the female characters, Pan isn’t as big a character as in the movie/play/book Peter Pan.

Louis Partridge’s Personal Life

Our protagonist grew up in Wandsworth, London. While he’s a performer, he’s also a big skateboarding enthusiast and a rugby player, at least when he was a student at Dulwich Preparatory School.

Later, he’d combine his acting chops and his love of sports when he got the plumb assignment as a mascot for the English team at the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

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He is a fan of directors like Luca Guadagnino and Martin Scorcese, and would like to be at a gathering with Holly Willoughby, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Ricky Gervais.

As for music, Partridge leans toward 80’s alternative rock bands like The Cure, The Smiths and The Strokes.

He has been compared to Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. He has a fondness for fashion, as has appeared in very dapper outfits in a few photo shoots.

While he’s done some modeling, at five feet nine inches, he’s not tall enough to be a runway model.

It’s interesting to consider how Partridge’s appreciation for late 70’s and early 80’s post-punk bands played into his role in the Sex Pistols bio-series.

The Cure came out of the punk scene, and Morrissey, lead vocalist of The Smiths, wrote music criticism as a teenager when the punk explosion was still in full swing.

Millie Bobby Brown rumors

Millie Bobby Brown shares some similarities with Partridge. While she was born in Spain, her parents are English, and she spent some of her childhood in that country.

She’s roughly the same age as Partridge, but her career broke much sooner.

She not only got a great part in the wildly-popular series Stranger Things, but was nominated for some major awards.

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While she was a big star upon meeting Louis on the set of Enola Holmes, she seems to have been very down-to-earth and the two hit it off and became friends.

Louis PartridgeSocial Media
Instagram handle:louispartridge_
Instagram followers:9M followers
TikTok handle@louis_partridge
TikTok likes:5M likes
Facebook handlelouispartridgetewkesbury
Facebook followers:11K followers
Twitter handlelouispartridge4
Twitter followers:5K followers
Updated:March 13, 2023

As mentioned, their characters had a friendship that turned into an innocent romance.

A brief kissing scene that Louis and Millie shot was left out of the film, but that didn’t stop the rumors from flying.

Partridge is very closed lipped about his love life and sexuality. He’s just a kid!

Perhaps he hasn’t sorted it out yet. But when a celebrity doesn’t identify a significant other, people might make one up.

To be sure, Louis and Millie exhibited very good chemistry, both on and off screen.

Louis Partridge’s Net Worth

Partridge amassed his net worth the old-fashioned way–by earning it. He developed a craft to the point that he’s been recognized by the film industry as a worthy candidate for intelligent roles in period pieces.

While some suggest his net worth is near $5 million, it’s hard to believe Louis Patridge’s salary is that high .

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He hasn’t been the male lead in any of his projects and hasn’t lived long enough to accrue a lot of wealth and equity or to grow investments.

We’d guess nearly $2 million.

Concluding Louis

Louis is a rising star who is down-to-earth, who gets good-natured ribbing from his friends, and who doesn’t want to have his romantic relationships in the public.

He looks for roles that give him something to relate to and then expand–do what you love, and money will come eventually.

One senses his net worth is the last thing he worries about.

Louis Partridge FAQ

Does Louis Partridge have a gf?

Louis Partridge may or may not have a girlfriend. He isn’t dating Millie Bobby Brown, unless the two of them are really committed to secrecy.

Does Millie Bobby Brown like Louis Partridge?

It is hard to know someone else’s feelings, but the two of them are known to be fairly close friends after working together on Enola Holmes.

How Old was Louis Partridge when he finished filming Enola Holmes?

He was just sixteen, having been in the movie and TV industry for nearly six years.

Is Louis Partridge a model?

At the present, he isn’t doing much modeling. He enjoys fashion and attempted some modeling before getting into film.

It is crucial to mention that the net worth of Louis Partridge is not a publicly accessible information and the exact figure cannot be verified.