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Kayla Nicole Jones Net Worth, Earnings, Relationship and More

Nobody illustrates modern life better than Kayla Nicole Jones. This creator of videos with lots of jokes and a few beauty tips literally started off as a meme.

Kayla Nicole net worth
Net Worth 2024:$1.7 Million
Born:May 26, 2001
Height:5 ft 9 in (1.76 m)
Native Country:United States
Place of Birth:Montgomery, Alabama
Source of Wealth (SOW):Digital Media
Updated:March 13, 2023

She then figured that if her face was going to be passed all over the internet, she may as well enjoy a boost in her net worth as a result.

Kayla Nicole Jones is now so much more than a “meme mom,” creating songs and remixes, managing a social media network, and being a mom.

But if you’re wondering how did Kayla Jones get so rich, that is exactly what we’re going to outline.

Let’s just say Kayla Nicole Jones’ net worth ain’t bad.

Kayla Nicole, Memes and Youtube

Kayla Nicole Jones’ youtube style is funny and awkward. She makes fun of her appearance and of people’s everday quest to look good or conform to certain standards.

She also does the standard comedian thing, pointing out hypocrisies and silly things that well do but that not everyone notices.

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She is also outspoken and bold: her very first video was called “when someone has an ugly baby” if that gives you any idea.

Kayla Nicole Jones’ first channel was called Nicole TV, and it got some attention.

One thing that really boosted Kayla’s profile was the series of memes that came out of her channel.

The first was a screenshot of her with an “are you serious” look on her face.

Instant meme with wide applicability. Another was her straightening her hair and getting obviously flustered, another emotion people tap for memes.

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This means that many first-time visitors to Kayla’s youtube page recognize her as the person in these memes.

How often do we have a chance to get to know any nameless people who show up in memes, right?

Meme Mom, Snap Original

Between the memes and her youtube channel, it didn’t take long for Kayla to really start making money–and being a household name.

In 2022, she signed on with Snapchat for a Snap original series called–you guessed it–Meme Mom.

This was seen as a big step up and a new level of professionalism for Kayla.

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She really lives up to the “mom” part of her nickname. Not only did she shoot a video of her baby right after her birth but also makes her parenting a chief component of her show.

Since she was already established, it’s no surprise that her snap show gained more than a million subscribers in weeks.

Early Life of Kayla Nicole Jones

Kayla Nicole Jones burst into the world on May 26, 2001 in Montgomery, Alabama.

During her childhood, the family moved to Vestavia Hills, AL. There she attended the local high school, not feeling particularly comfortable.

She turned to youtube as a way to forget her troubles for a while. She seems to have mostly vented about things she finds crazy, not expecting much of a reaction.

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But the videos began collecting the views very quickly. She started her youtube and Instagram accounts while still in high school.

Kayla Nicole JonesSocial Media
Instagram handle:kaylanicolejones
Instagram followers:7M followers
YouTube handle@KaylaNicolefamous
YouTube subscribers:5M subscribers
Facebook handleKaylaNicoleJoness
Facebook followers:30K followers
Twitter handlekaylanicolejon8
Twitter followers:1K followers
Updated:March 13, 2023

That meant a great start on a baller net worth, sure, but it also meant a certain pressure and uncertainty.

Kayla’s comedy videos caught on so fast that she basically had a career at a very young age.

By 2023, she has 3.8 million youtube subscribers, 27K TikTok followers, and gosh knows what else.

Husband and Child

They don’t call Kayla Nicole Jones Meme Mom for nothin’. So much of Kayla’s net worth as a human being comes from her motherhood, as well as her other familial relationships.

In 2021, Kayla welcomed a daughter, Messiah Kaylon Ni’Colby into the world.

In addition, a few months later, Kayla Nicole tied the knot with her video production partner, luhkye, who sure is lucky to be with such a lovely, outspoken woman.

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The two had been rumored to be a pair, but very much kept it on the down low until making an official announcement of the marriage after the wedding.

If you take Kayla Nicole Jones’ net worth and add to it with Luhkye’s talents, and you have an upper middle-class family for baby Messiah.

Kayla Nicole Raps

How many social media influencers do you know who do only one thing? Everyone’s branching out, and Kayla Nicole Jones is no exception.

She gets the tracks from wherever and then raps over them. One of these, Move Like a Snake, got some traction, so much so that Missy Elliott helped Kayla with a dope re-mix.

That’s some street cred, son. She has put out a few freestyles since and is said to have more on the way.

Kayla Nicole Jones’ Net Worth

Social media influencers have found a pretty sweet way to make a living, right?

But how much has Kayla Nicole Jones raked in? Hey, it’s probably going up every week, but as of today we’re looking at $1.7 million via social media, monetization, sponsors, sales of her rap songs, and any merch she’s thrown out there.

She started off just wanting to share her interesting thoughts with folks, and it caught on.

She realized she had a business on her hands and jumped into it. Her genuine and frank style will probably keep her in the public’s favor for quite some time.

Kayla Nicole Jones FAQ

How many kids does Kayla Nicole Jones have?

At present, Kayla Nicole Jones has one daughter, Messiah Kaylon Ni’colby.

Who is Kayla Nicole Jones baby father?

The father of Kayla Nicole Jones’ daughter is a man who goes by the handle Luhkye. He has appeared in many of Kayla’s vids and was her partner before they became a couple.

How Did Kayla Nicole Jones become famous?

Nicole got famous quickly, after she’d posted a few videos on youtube. The videos became famous, as did screenshots from them that became memes, which is why Nicole’s nickname is Meme Mom.

Did Kayla Nicole Jones pass away?

Kayla Nicole Jones is very much alive and well. She seems to be without serious medical issues, so rumors of her death seem baseless.

It is essential to bring attention to the fact that the net worth of Kayla Nicole Jones is not publicly available and the specific amount cannot be confirmed.