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This page is example number one. There are many ways to make money without a job, and this is one of the best if you can get it to work. I write about topics that I have an interest in and (I hope) make some money from affiliate product commissions and advertising revenue that comes in once I put my writing online.

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This has worked for me for eight years, but I can tell you it is getting more difficult all the time. So let's look at some alternatives which do not involve using the internet, including some 'fast cash' plans. Full-time businesses will also not be included in this collection of ways. If you do want to start a business or do something on the internet, see one of the following indexes for all the pages related to those possibilities:

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Make Money This Week

So you are without a job, you don't have the time or money to start a business, and you want some cash coming in soon. What can you do? Here are a few possibilities.

Posing for Art Classes - At a local college where I used to live they used to pay twice the minimum wage to just about anyone who would sit still for 90 minutes while students painted them. It could be chilly work, since you had to do it without clothes, but you got cash that day. Check with any art schools or colleges which have art classes to see if there are any openings near you.

Dumpster Flower Sales - I have seen this done in several different cities, and the cash will be in your hands tonight if it works for you. Check the dumpsters behind flower shops in the early evening, and collect whatever looks salable. Many good flowers and bouquets are thrown out because by the next day they will be getting a bit old, or because there is a bad flower or two in the bunch. You can pick through to get the good ones and make them into bouquets, then sell them in the street. Try couples who are sitting outdoors at restaurants. Sell them cheap for fast sales and satisfied customers.

You can supplement this with sales of wildflowers too. For more about that, see the following page: Collecting and Selling Common Wildflowers

Sell Your Blood - For more on this see the page; Donate Blood for Money

Mushroom Hunting - My friends have made more than $100 per day collecting and selling morel mushrooms in northern Michigan. They tell me that restaurants were ready to buy all that they could find, and they paid cash upon delivery. Morels and other mushrooms that can be easily sold have a limited season, and you have to learn where the best harvesting locations are, but if it happens to be the right time as you read this, and you live in the right area, you could have a handful of twenty dollar bills in a few hours.

Give Rides - If you live in a busy city and own a car you can probably make some money offering rides to people for less than the price of a taxi. It is done all the time in New York. Typically, with this kind of service, you pick up additional riders as you go, to maximize the revenue. As long as they get to their destinations in a reasonable time customers are usually okay with this--as long as you cost less than traditional taxis. One note; you might need a healthy disrespect for the law to make money in this way.

For really fast ways to pocket some cash, see; How to Make Money in an Hour

More Ways to Make Money Without a Job

Here are some plans that won't bring in the income quite as fast, but they still do not require getting a job or starting a formal business.

Street Magic - This one takes some practice, unless you are already a magician. But the books you need to study the craft are available for free at your local library, and there is a ton of information online as well. You have to learn to "work" an audience and ask for those dollars in your hat. You might also try buying or creating the most outlandish costume you can, so you can charge a dollar or two for people to have their photo taken with you. Work busy city centers and events. I met a street magician who claims to have made $2,000 in during the week of the Strurgis Motorcycle Rally.

Junk Picking - People are always throwing away perfectly good things. You can look through their dumpsters, but it works best if you do this during city-sponsored spring cleanups, when everything is just put out by the curbs. Gather anything that seems salable (even if it needs cleaning first), and have a rummage sale. You might also sell individual items by way of advertising on Craiglist or to local pawn shops.

Invest in Your Friends - If you have friends who have the right knowledge, and you have access to money (even if only through credit card advances), you can buy and sell things for a profit. For example, if a friend really knows about lawn tractors, he might be able to find one for sale for $200 that could be sold for $800. Provide the money and let him "flip" the item for a $600 profit that you split between you.

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